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Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh, yeah...

Remember that post I put up in Japanese? Well, here's the translation. About four years late. >_>;

Only half of it applies. Also, I miss Gintama something fierce.

 Translation of "Debilibus Somnus Est" follows:

"Why are you using Latin?" you ask? Well, I have the free time. I can only write Romaji! I don't know the [Japanese] characters. All of my thoughts are in Japanese!! More importantly, English is a bit...boring. Right?

Ah, I miss Gintama, you know? Please come back, Gin-chan! Don't leave me alone! I'm sad! I can only think of stupid things! I'll seriously die! I'll kill myself! RIGHT NOW!

So, since you guys are here, I'll tell you. The next video has been recorded, and all that's left is the voiceover bits.

I don't want to sleep. "Sleep is for the weak."
"Debilibus Somnus Est."

That is all. Good night, weaklings!
=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. There's a reason for all this. It's 5:38am. Though I'm tired, I will not be stopped! I gotta do the dialogue!

....Sorry. My brain is melting.
I just translated the one English bit into Latin. Keeps the flow, I suppose...

Anyway, that's it. Ciao!
=_= ~*(cyh)*

To Whom It May Concern...

So it's been awhile. A few things have happened since the last post, and I figure those of you who care might want to know.

First off, GO YELL AT THE FCC! You have until my birthday, July 15th, to actually post a comment to the FCC and tell them what you think. Apparently, we've been called upon to do what the internet does best:

Leave scathing remarks against the opposition, and mindlessly (read: ruthlessly) support the things we like.

Do or do not, but it might be fun, yeah? Think of it as a present for yours truly. Go forth and explode like wild tiger!

The Ars Technica article is pretty boss, the video within the article is bossier, and the link to the actual comment system is in the article and here. The first "proceeding" (#14-28) is the one you want to click on. I'd link it directly, but it looks like it creates a session ID for each access. Careful, though. It's like going back in time to Web 1.0. Seriously, why on earth are they posting all the comments to PDF? That's such a massive waste of space...


In other news, Ian and I are planning some stuff for YouTube now that he's done with his test--still don't have the results for that, but fingers are crossed! If you've been watching the Master Minds Facebook page, you've probably heard the random mutterings. Not sure what we're going to do, exactly, but it should be fun.

I hope.

Seriously, how many of you still care? *laugh* Though, I really like those of you who have decided to stick around.

I believe others in our group are planning on doing stuff, too. It's a shared channel sort of thing, so I'll link you to stuff whenever I get the go-ahead.Speaking of which, I think I'll pester him for a new Mind the Gap, too. We've got this Yeti sitting on the desk doing nothing...I think it's starting to get hungry, and I'd rather not become its dinner.

Oh, and speaking of new stuff, those of you who might read my stories can now find them at a new home, in their latest revisions. (Sarel, you'll probably want to hear about this for the wiki.) I'll be putting all my stories over there now, with blurbs and linked pages and all that goodness--I even managed to set links for previous/next chapters at the top and bottom of the chapter pages.

If anything, I'd like people to just go take a look and comment on the overall setup--I like it, but input would be nice if I plan on doing something similar with other bloggy/webby stuff. Think of yourselves as beta testers for whenever I decide to actually buy a domain. (THAT WOULD  BE SO COOL!)

Random writing ideas and their immediate family will remain at the other blog, and I'll keep doing YouTube/life/random stuff on this blog. The FictionPress stuff is still over on that site, but until I find a way to make my own website without paying out the wazoo, I'm trying to consolidate what I can into the new blog before potentially removing my work from that site.

It's a pity that Permuted Press won't accept manuscripts with erotica. *sigh*

Can you tell that I want to be the next David Wong? *_* ~(dreams)

Anyway all the fun stuff aside, I also have some sobering news. Remember my uncle who was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor? Well, he passed away a few months ago. Thanks to some BS with Delta Airlines and those snowstorms, I also missed the funeral. It was...suck. I'm over it at this point, but I was a mess at the time, so I didn't really feel like talking. However, I figure now I should at least give you guys the rest of the story after all the kind things you said when I first learned the diagnosis.

I managed to get a nice Father's Day card to him before he died--that was almost a year ago--and my aunt told me that she found it in his briefcase when she was going through his things. Apparently, it meant a lot to him.

So the moral of the story, I guess, is that if you know you have to say good bye to someone who matters to you, and especially if you have something important to say, do it. It doesn't matter what the format is; you just have to do it. I didn't really get a chance with my grandmother--she went too quickly in the end--but at least I managed to say all the stuff I had meant to say to my uncle while I still had a chance. He did a lot for my family during some pretty dark times, and I needed him to know that it didn't go unnoticed.

Sorry to be a downer. I just wanted to thank everyone for being so nice to me. It means a lot. Even though I may never meet any of you in person, you're the ones I end up talking to when life hands me the jackpot or kicks me in the shins.

I love you guys. ^_^

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. I've turned off comment moderation. It appears that most of the riffraff has moved on at last. (Party time!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Again

So I may have forgotten all about this blog.  I moved in with Ian up in Maine, as most of you already know--especially if you listen to the podcast--so I've kinda been hanging off of the Facebook page and Ian's blog(s).  I guess I just wanted to make a post just to say hello and let people know what's been going on in life.

MCAT: I got my results back, and I got a 26 R.  The highest score possible was 45 T.  There are three sections; physical science, biology, and verbal.  They are 15 points apiece.  There is also an essay portion which is graded from A to T.  I did about average for the first three multiple-choice sections, and I did super well on the essay portion.  MCAT stands for Medical College Admissions Test, for those of you who asked.

Now that I have the results, I've realized that there's no chance in Hades that I'll ever be able to do medical school.  I just can't afford it, and my score and GPA aren't good enough to get a scholarship.  I'm one of those weird people who doesn't believe in having a credit card, so getting loans is out of the question.  At the moment, I'm working at a craft store and applying for positions in biological research.  It's slow-going, but I'm patient.  It sucks, but at least I have a workable degree.  Someday, I want to go back and get some more degrees, but that's still in the works with the way things are going.  I don't make much money, but thanks to Ian I have a comfortable life.  He's an absolute sweetheart for taking such good, patient care of me and my wacky issues.

Chell's Mind: Yeah, you're probably all ready to lynch me at this point, but the ideas are still floating around.  I really want to get a better mic and coordinate with Ian, but my work schedule rarely coincides with his, and when I do have time off, I'm usually doing my writing, or watching Two Best Friends, or catching up with anime that I haven't been able to see.  Now that I'm out of school, I feel like I have less free time than ever.  It's sad, really.

However, that's not to say that I'll never touch the series again.  It's been a long time, and I'll have to relearn a lot of the stuff that was self-taught to begin with, but I still like it.  I still want to work on it.  I just need that spark of inspiration back that was taken away so quickly.  Part of it is my irritation with flamers, but a big part was just life.  Stuff happened.  Hurdles were presented.  That's just how the ball rolls.

My Book:  I really want to get this published, and it's been ten years since I started writing the thing.  It's "complete" but I needed more input, more people to read it and give me their honest opinions.  My deviantART account got okay results, but the format is awful if you're a serious writer, and I kept getting backlogged amongst random Hetalia fanfiction.  (Weird, right?)  So now I'm posting the chapters on a FictionPress account, and hopefully I'll get some decent traffic and input.  Actually, feel free to check it out and give me some thoughts.  It's called Avenari, and it's my baby.

Getting published is harder than getting into med school for most people, but of the two, I think I have a better chance of this happening realistically.  Writing is my one, true passion.  I love it, and I will never stop.  It's kind of funny, but when Ian and I first got together, this book is what made it happen.  Again, life got all crazy and I even stopped writing for a very long time.  I think it was the longest I had ever gone without writing, and my second book suffered in limbo for about two years.  Then, a few months ago, the spark came back.  The ideas started flowing, and now I'm the happiest I've ever been.  "Screw everything else, I can still write!"  *laugh*  It's bizarre how that works out.  I just started having cravings again, and suddenly I had three new chapters.  I feel so zen now...

I just hope that the same will happen with Chell's Mind.

Other Events:  Aside from all the book/youtube/MCAT stuff, I've been okay.  It's hard to be away from my family in Florida.  My little brother is graduating college this year for Aerospace Engineering, and for his senior project he built a car.  I have a feeling he's going to be way more successful than I am.

He has a back injury that requires some pretty scary spinal surgery, but the insurance company is getting ready to kick him out of the military healthcare system, so I'm really worried about him.  He's always kinda been stuck in my shadow.  I got better grades and made better decisions, but I feel like he's a much better person than I am.  I respect him, and I worry a lot about him.  I just want the best for him, because he's my brother and I love him.

Speaking of family, I also lost my grandmother to ALS this past December.  She died two days after Christmas.  I was visiting my parents with Ian when we got the news.  It's painful, but I know that she suffered a lot with the disease, so I hope she's at peace now.  My family flew up to Minnesota for the service, and Ian went back to Maine.  My branch has always been kind of a black sheep in the family since we moved around a lot with the Air Force.  It's strange to meet family and not know who they are.  It was nice, though, and I was glad that we could all be there.

Recently, too, I found out that my uncle had a large brain tumor--probably for months or years.  They didn't catch it until it was about 3 centimeters long.  We hoped that it was just a benign one-off, but the biopsy came back a couple of weeks ago and it's actually cancer.  I'm not sure what to think anymore, actually.  I just hope that he goes into remission.  They rushed him into surgery to remove the mass, but they couldn't get everything out, I guess.  I'm just worried.

My whole family seems to be running into issues.  I'm realizing now that I'm getting older.  I turn 25 this year, and I have nothing to show for it.  I've written a book that may never see a bookstore shelf, I've got a degree that isn't doing anything productive, and I've got a webseries that's been in limbo for over three years.  I'm happy to be writing, but I'm scared, too.  I have hope, but that's not enough sometimes.  On one side, I'm as perky and happy as I ever was.  I have Ian, my online friends, and my writing...but then I worry about the big picture.  I don't know what it looks like.  It's just an amorphous gray blob of uncertainty and fear, and all I can think is that I don't want to fail.  I don't even know what I'm trying to accomplish, but I don't want to be stuck in a dead-end retail job my whole life.  I've put so much effort into some things, and I'm beginning to see that it might have all been a waste of time.  All I can do is wait it out and see what life brings.

I guess I'm being depressing...I actually set out on this whole entry to literally just say hello and show you the one thing I've been working on so fervently lately, but then I started writing...always the writing...

In the end, words are all I have.  I dream of the day when that actually matters.

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S.  Man, I am SO sorry about all this word vomit.  You can hit me if it makes you feel better.

Monday, July 11, 2011

MCAT? Check.

Okie dokey loki, so that thing that I've been studying for over the past year or so, that thing which has distracted me from doing anything else consistently, is finally over.  I've taken the MCAT.

Imagine the final exam for your worst class.  Now, imagine a final exam encompassing all your worst classes throughout your school career.  Imagine that you have only 70 minutes to answer 52 questions about chemistry and physics combined.  Imagine that same scenario for biology and organic chemistry.  Then, imagine having to read seven bizarrely incongruous passages and answer equally incoherent questions about them, where speculation and attentiveness are your only tools.  THEN, imagine having to write TWO ESSAYS, each in only 30 minutes.

Now imagine that all of ONE TEST.

Yeah, that's what the MCAT is.  I showed my brother my notes, and he was all "I'll quiz you!"  After staring for about a minute at the page in perplexed horror, he threw the notebook down and walked away, muttering, "I can't do this."  He's a technical genius, and MY notes were utter gibberish to him.  He couldn't even pronounce "sarcoplasmic reticulum" or "acetylcholine" or "human chorionic gonadotropin" or 75% of the other vocabulary I had been forced to memorize.  Heck, even Firefox doesn't acknowledge those as real words!

*ahem*  But yes.  It's done.  I'm not allowed to tell you anything about what was on that test, on pain of death, apparently.

Anyway, this means I'm going to play lots of Pokemon Black, watch tons of anime, enjoy my upcoming birthday, and then, finally, make an episode for all of you.  I will first distribute it to people in my deviantART fan-group, followed by this blog, and then once I'm satisfied, I'll make it public.  I feel like being evil, for evil has been done to me...and besides, all those people who constantly demand more are seriously grating on me now that I'm all psychotic and freaked out by that test.

I was like a near-death, I walked out feeling as though I should do something to atone for spending eight hours a day studying for that stupid thing.  I've never felt so drained and nervous and manic as I did that dreadful Wednesday.  I've never known such horror.

I may need a therapist once I'm done with all this medical business, because I'm sure I'll be completely bonkers by the end of it.

Wondering whether to level up my Archen or my Herdier first, and whether I should go beat up on some more Audino on Route 7, your truly insane friend,

P.S. Uh....just to clarify, Audino is a Chansey-ish Pokemon which just so happens to dish out some INSANE experience when you fight it in the wild.  It shows up almost immediately, and is pretty darn easy to beat up until it learns Secret Power and Attract.  (I HATE THOSE MOVES...I HATE...I just hate...I am filled with hate, tomato, basil, and baguettes.)  As such, I've taken to walking back and forth in the same spot for many hours, just waiting for the shaky grass....


Monday, March 28, 2011

MegaCon 2011

Hey, guess what?

I got to meet Geoff and Griffon Ramsey at MegaCon.  Awesome sauce!  XD  (Griffon is like my nerd idol or something.  I love Immersion.)

Oh...for those of you who might not know, Geoff plays Grif (the orange one) in Red vs. Blue.

I also spotted some droids running around...

saw Calypso kiss a Predator,

...and enjoyed some architectural stuff because a room packed with 3000 unwashed nerds all at once can only be tolerated for about 30 minutes at a time.

Before I left, though, I was lucky enough to see some awesome costumes!

 I even saw Spiderman get mobbed by cheerleaders as he attempted to escape via bike rickshaw. 

Good times.  Maybe next time, all of us can go?

Anyway, that's it for me.  Good night!

=_= ~*(cyh)*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stuff that has been happening recently:

First off:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IAN!!!  ^_^  Twenty-five years?  Wow, that's a quarter of a century!  I guess you pretty much count as an adult now.  >_>;  Congrats on surviving this long!!!  XD

Next, man, am I neglecting the internet these days.  So much to do and so little time to pay attention to everything.  Let's see....Chell's Mind is still talking forever, but you knew that.  It'll be out--patience is a virtue--a virtue that will make the episode come out sooner, in fact.  (Somebody please explain that to YouTube....)

Hmm...lemme January I went to Washington D.C. for a week to see my best friend.  (She came back back from school overseas to go to another friend's wedding.)  That was awesome.  Got to hang out with the Washington Monument.  We're old college pals, you see:

Also got to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Botanical Gardens and all kinds of Smithsonian stuff.

Valentine's Day was awesome 'cause I finally had someone to spend it with, too.  I got a big velvet-covered box of chocolates.  O_O  They were so tasty!

Hmm...oh, and Jared and Ian just came down to hang out with me for five days.  It was a blast, 'cause Ian was all fascinated with palm trees and whatnot, and Jared is such a goofball.  We had tons of fun just hanging out and eating my mom's cooking.  (Her food is SO good.)  I cooked breakfast every day, too, which was nice.  ^_^  Hmm...I managed to save Ian and Jared from severe sunburn by making them buy SPF50 sunblock, but Ian got splinters anyway from punching a palm tree...I think they were pretending it was Minecraft or something...Jared made sandstone.  >_>;

Anyway, it was a fun visit and it was really sad to see them go.  Hopefully more of us will be able to get together next time, and maybe some resourceful fans will be able to come visit as well and hang out for a couple of days.  (We wouldn't be able to provide lodging, though.  That would be up to them.)  Kinda like a mini convention, I suppose.  It would be nice to at least meet some of you who live in Georgia or Florida--where Jared and I live, respectively.

So yeah: fun, fun, fun.  I've been slacking on the MCAT studies, though, so I'm trying get back into that now.  I've also finally got a job offer, too, so at last I can make money and finish up on my computer upgrades!  (And get a new LCD for my laptop since that one went kaput. =_=#) 

Anyway, that's about it for me.  Chell's Mind is churning in the background, no worries, but I've definitely been needing this break from YouTube to get other stuff together and do something other than spend all my time on the internet.  I miss you guys, though, and now that my computer is back to normal (Gladys caught a virus before Jared and Ian arrived, and I've only now recovered everything that I need for the next episode) I'll be able to return to business.  Yay!

Gute nacht!
=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. Anyone who wants more frequent updates than this should checkout the Facebook thing, even just to read what's going on or catch random awesome things we see or come up with and don't put in our blogs.  The group has been doing pretty well, so I guess it's all good.  ^_^  Hooray for civilized interactions!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


See that thing above this post?  Click on it and conform to the internet-approved requirements for popularity in this day and age...or don't.

Please don't try to friend me.  I'm failing at being an antisocial weirdo as it is.

=_= ~*(cyh)*