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Thursday, January 21, 2010

1000+? What? WHY???

Goodness, I must be slow, because I only just noticed that ep00 has over 1000 views already...8_8  Thanks guys!  I was sure I'd have been run out of town immediately, but I guess I'm still in one piece.  *shock*

One, if I had a dollar for every view, I'd get Corky a new computer so that he can pick Felix's Mind back up immediately (I owe you, man), and then I could finally get that graphics card I've been wanting so badly (GeForce 295 FTW!!!!).  If I had one yen for every view, I'd...probably put it towards the graphics card fund.  Or buy a cake.

Or nothing, since yen doesn't work in the States.

So I guess my point in all of this bizarre rambling is: I need a job.

*nod* Sounds about right.

Oh, and to whom it may concern, I'll be working on the next episode this weekend.  If life allows me some freedom, it should, theoretically, be up by Monday.  Theoretically.

I suck at Physics!

Ja na.


  1. First

    and by the way, did you ever check or I saw a graphics card on one once

  2. Hopefully selling my iPod will bring me at least $100 closer to my goal.

  3. Just an FYI, the radeon 5870 has better performance, uses significantly less power, is smaller, has directx 11, and costs the same. Just thought I should point that out. :)

  4. @Graham: Sorry, but my heart belongs to Nvidia and Nvidia alone. ATI broke it, and Nvidia put the pieces back together. It also helps that Nvidia has the Quadro and the Tesla. *swoon~*

    I have a brother obsessed with the field of fluid dynamics as well, and have thus had Fermi thrown at me from every direction. Such a fantastic card... Besides, my new computer has a Cooler Master NV690 Nvidia case and an eVGA P55 SLI mobo. Putting a Radeon in there would be pure heresy.

  5. @Corky: Ah, the sacrifices we make for awesome rigs! I emptied my bank account for my new computer...which, in retrospect, was really stupid, since now I'm broke...

  6. Fermi isn't even out yet, how do you know it's that awesome? All we know is DirectX11 and that it runs really hot...

    I know, I know, I'm not going to change anything, but don't buy previous generation hardware. :)

  7. @Graham: I'm patient. Everything runs on DirectX 9 and 10 still, anyway. Besides, ever since the ATI/AMD merge, I've been wary of their stuff. I've got an Intel chipset and an i5 processor, and AMD does so many weird things that I can't help thinking that that weirdness is going to leak into the Radeon series and possibly screw up my system (AMD and Intel are like oil and water). I almost got a Phenom, but their motherboards sucked, so I opted for a quad-core Intel instead.

    Fermi has ECC, and I watched the Tesla vs. Fermi fluid dynamics demo when they first announced the new architecture. That was all I needed to see. That, and the fact that they used a Bugatti Veyron in the video.

  8. Intel and ati seem to work fine for me... whatever, not going to chane your mind :P Good choice on the CPU though, that's a really nice little chip. I'm jealous. Definitely going in my next rig, assuming I can get a job this summer and they don't come out with something better first...

    Any news on the new episode? Can't wait, you seem to be updating much more regularly than Ross Scott or krimsin...

  9. @Graham: Since I blew all my money on the board and CPU, I'm probably gonna wait until the next gen Nvidia cards are out before buying a new card anyway. My 8600GTS is doing a fine job at the moment. It runs Portal at 1280x1024 and max settings with about 40FPS, which is more than enough since I drop it to 30FPS for Fraps. And though ATI is in the lead at the moment, I hold out hope that Nvidia will climb to the top again. ~_~*

    The i5 Lynnfield is amazing if you don't need HT technology. Even then, four cores is badass. The stock heat sink is awesome, too, oddly enough...I didn't have to bother buying a Zalman. It idles around 35C and works around 40C, unless I'm rendering something huge with multithreading on Apophysis. Of course, a lot of the heat management is due to the case, which designed explicitly for cable management and thermoregulation. I can't wait until I can get liquid cooling!

    Monday's the target for ep02...which I guess would be today, since it's 3:42AM where I am. It's about three quarters done, and will probably be uploaded at night, since my classes don't get out until late. Depends on how quickly I can do the voice recording...I'm actually considering putting up a bunch of the bloopers for this episode, just so people can see (read: hear) how ridiculous I sound when I screw up the lines. ^_^; Ah, so many mistakes!


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