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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cake is AWESOME...

...and so is my friend KT for making this for me.  Can't see it?  THIS!!!! XD

Did you know that there's liquor in Black Forest Cake?  I didn't, but I learned pretty damn quickly...

I'm 21, so no bitching.  NO BITCHING, I SAY!

My tolerance is rather low, but at least, for a brief hour, all the guys in that show were a 10.

...and some were a 12.

...and there was no helping that one dude with the hair...
Sorry, alcohol.  Your powers have limits.

=_=  ~*(cyh)*

P.S. Before I get ridiculous questions, YES, that is my Deviant Art account, and NO I'm NOT a dude.

...You know who you are.  +_+#


  1. I was totally unaware that you were a female.*Cough Cough*

  2. @The above: Seriously. People are still asking me. I'm considering making it my tagline:

    "I'm not a dude."


  3. I always knew that you're a girl. It's obvious. But you shouldn't put picture of dude in your profile :D

  4. @Deividas: My obsession with Gintama will never die. Gin's way funnier than I am. Besides, the people asking the same questions all the time are on YouTube. My profile pic there is just some of my artwork.

  5. I might be possibly sorta kinda starting a mind series. where can I find the intro/outro music

  6. @Gaara: The song is called "Military Precision", and it's found on the Half-Life original soundtrack. You don't have to use that specific music unless the Mind is within the Half-Life universe, however.

  7. I know, but do I have to buy the song or extract it from the game files? where can I get it?

  8. I totally already knew that, seeing as you SOUND like a woman and already said you were a chick.

    Like, duh!

  9. @Gaara: I think I got the song out of the HL2 sound files somewhere...but a quick search on the 'net should find it really easily.

    @AbstractMan: Yeah, well I just got another one asking me whether I'm male or female. There is indeed method to my madness.


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