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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chell's Mind - 02

2:47 AM EST

New episode is up...well, it's being processed as I write this, but it shouldn't take long.  It's a bit shorter than the other two, but that's mostly because of convenient stopping times and such.  It's also crazier.  I imagine that anyone trapped in a building that treats you like a lab rat, lies to you constantly, and emancipates your molars would send anyone over the edge.

I also try my hand at singing.  In Japanese.  Don't worry, though.  The translation of the Japanese version is basically the same as the English version at the end.

And yes, technically, it's no longer Monday, but when I say "night" it usually implies "the dead of night".  It's still Monday in my sleepless world.

Chell's Mind - 02

EDIT: You all probably noticed by now, but processing is done.  Enjoy!

=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. @Devidas: Thanks! ^_^ I love to sing, but this mic is definitely not the right one for it. The quality is all wrong.

  2. Hey I know you are partial to nvidia but which is better

    a Geforce 2MX or a Radeon 9600SE

    From a pure power stand point. I know they are both very ol, but for freen they're not bad

  3. @Gaara: Wow, those cards are ancient. They'll kill themselves trying to do anything at all with the newest games...but if I had to choose, the Radeon was better than any Nvidia card back then. It's also newer and has DirectX9 support (Most of the games today). The Nvidia only had DirectX 5, 6, & 7 support.

    Pick the Radeon. It's more powerful.

  4. Thanks, I only need that computer for old games like unreal and quake. It was free too, so how much did you pay for your graphics card?

  5. $50 USD. It was actually my brother's, when he updated to the GeForce 9800GT or whatever he's using. Mine's an 8600GTS. For a decent graphics card these days, which won't break the bank, you'll probably pay around $150-$200.

    I have no money at the moment, however, thus I shall wait.


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