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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Soooo, yeah.  Hi, I'm Cyh.  I just started my own Chell's Mind series on YouTube. 

Firstly, my intent is not to step on the toes of the other Chell's Minds (I know of two so far).  I just felt that a girl should be doing it, and, as someone possessing boobs, I wanted to give it a try.  I'm around Chell's suspected age (20-somethings), and I'm a gamer of casual proportions.  Besides, Portal is awesome.

Huh...I guess a little about me would be appropriate:  I'm 21, female, and half-Filipina, half-Norwegian and French.  I live in the States, but that's only at the moment.  Being from a military family, I was born in Spain, and grew up in Michigan, Florida, Japan, and England; and I speak Japanese fairly well.  I know a lot of Spanish, but speaking it is impossible, as the Japanese gets in the way.  I love just about every art form, but I'm partial to writing.  I've written a couple of books, unpublished at the moment, and I'll draw a picture at every opportunity.  I have a DeviantART account as "cyh-anide", for those who care.  Chell's Mind - 00 is my first attempt at anything in the video realm, including voice acting, so I probably sound nervous at times, and timing will suffer.

Oh, and I'm an otaku.  That is, I'm rabidly obsessed with anime and all things Japanese.  If you don't get it now, you will once I get into the groove of the series.  Due to this obsession, combined with my background, I tend to speak exactly as I write: bombastic and absurdist--or, as I love to describe it, like an English yakuza on crack.

So yeah, that's me.  Youkoso, atashi no sekai he.  Goyukkuri. *

*Welcome to my world.  Take your time.

 =_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. "As someone possessing boobs."

    Lol at blatant obviousness.

  2. When i watched 00 episode i thought those series will be a big fail, but when i watched 01 episode and then tried to watch CynderProductions episodes i recognised that it'll be pretty good :)

  3. @Deividas: I thought it would fail, too. O_O; Gamer chicks are a rare breed--like ligers or pandas. I don't even LIKE episode 00! DX

  4. That means i' also a rare breed? kool.
    I enjoyed both episodes so far. If I'd found it on youtube before seeing IRAMIGHTYPIRATE's site, I probably would've avoided it after the disappointment I suffered while watching another Chell's Mind.

  5. @djsarabi: I wouldn't have blamed you. Seems a lot of people were disappointed with the other versions. I just kinda stuck it out there and let it do its thing. Someone was BOUND to stumble across it by accident. Fortunately, someone did. ^_^

  6. @Corky64: Not special. AWESOME.

    ...I miss Felix... TT_TT

  7. @Ian: I LOVE YOU, TOO!!! *huggles~!*

  8. Well, shit. Not even gonna be subtle

  9. @Jared & Curtis: Heh, nobody looks at this old stuff, anyway. XD


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