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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Because I Love You...

I hate Valentine's Day~!  Of all the horrifying reasons to have a non-federal/bank holiday (where I don't get the day off school), this must be the worst.  I'm not bitter at all.  Nope.  Who?  Me?  Bitter?  Pshaw!

On a lighter note, I've finally completed Chell's Mind - 03, and it is processing at this very moment.  I give it several days before the painfully slow mechanisms within YouTube finally get it done.  In fact, this episode is special, for several reasons.  You'll see what I mean when you watch it.  Thanks to this episode's special-ness, however, processing will take longer.  Because YouTube is a wanker.  (I lived in England.  I can say that!)  Hopefully, they won't ruin my surprise...

In other news, I have three tests (I discovered this only yesterday), a quiz, assorted homework, and about 500 pages of reading to do by tomorrow.  In other-other news, it's a 3-day weekend and I have no O-chem lab this week...PRESIDENTS RULE!!! XD *headbanging*

Thus, the next-next episode should be done much more quickly.  *crosses fingers*

Bona nox, mei amici!
=_=  ~*(cyh)*


  1. I take it you got a new gpu then?

  2. @Graham: No. Just the 8600--it's perfectly okay with high-res gaming. I just finally got a video editor capable of rendering in HD, thanks to friends in high places, and the wonders of tech school.

  3. did you say you made this with movie maker, cause I started filming something yesterday and the narration went right over the games sound so I coul barely hear it.

  4. You still owe me your right kidney. I'm really gonna need to sell that thing now, since I'm going to be down another $60... >_< and I still haven't sold that iPod yet. I'm never gonna get that money! >_<

  5. @Gaara: With Movie Maker, there's volume slider controlling game volume and narration volume--whether one is louder than the other and such. It's on the left side, next to the tracks.

    @Corky: Nooooo! I'll get the iodine and the scalpel, and you fill the tub with ice, alrighty?!

  6. Poor you with all the tests... I am in a project week currently and it sucks!^^

    hope your week is better^^

    Praise the allmighty Maker of Chells mind!! *goes on his knees as if it was god*
    THe first Female Mind god... XD

    CYA!! ^^

  7. No... You keep the kidney... You need it more then me. you have a future in Mind series' now. Go on and become famous with Chell's Mind! I shall be forgotten because I stopped at Episode 7... And a half...

  8. @Sanadayoukim:



    This ritual dance will bring good luck.
    ...and orange juice... >_>

    @Corky: Well, if you ever need a kidney, I've got a spare. ^_^

  9. A spare, huh? I'll be sure to come to you when my kidneys bite the dust~.~

    Great episode, Cyh. Loved the evil dark side of Chell's imagination and how Ashpod seems to be British(my family's from there).

    Good luck on your tests, BTW. Hope it goes well.

    Instead of being a chump and going to see Taylor Lautner show off in Valentine's Day, I'm going to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians O_0

    Rebel's Mind is coming along.....Having a few issues figuring whether to start in HL2 or EP2. Most likely EP2, but then there's the cons of Synergy, like the fact when you change map, it resets you to a spawn point with weapons you may not have grabbed. Luckily, EP2 uses LARGE maps.

    Your ritual dance made me thirsty, so I'm going to go have some orange juice now.

  10. ITS FREAKING ORANGE JUICE - Crazy dude I met on xbox live



  12. Well ya know what, I spent 3 hours of my V-Day on a motorcycle... Can't get any better ^_^
    I am getting massive cravings to make Parker's Mind though =\

  13. @Psymon: Lucky you! I want a motorcycle...a proper chopper, actually.

  14. I'm a tourer/sport man myself. Windy roads are my heaven XD

  15. @Psymon: I'd trade my right kidney for a Ducatti 999. *sigh* (My right kidney isn't worth nearly as much as that, however....I'll happily take a Bugatti Veyron or a Lambo Gallardo,'s not worth that much, either. *laugh*)

    I spend all my spare time driving--the open road is the definition of freedom.

  16. my dad sells motorcycles, so i get to ride a new one every other week. they are alot of fun.

  17. Man, I hate those times where you walk past a bike shop, see epic sex on wheels, and realize that you can't afford it, and your restricted licence states that its engine is too big :(

  18. @psymon
    restcricted liscence, wait, are you saying the age restriction, or your state just won't let anyone have a bike that big?

  19. No no, here's how the licencing system works here:
    You start on your Learner's licence. Can't ride anything bigger than 250cc and can't drive faster than 70kph
    Then after 6 months you take a test and that upgrades you to Restricted Licence. On this, you are still restricted to 250cc bikes, but you can now go over 70kph (The open road limit is 100kph so learner's licence is a bitch)
    Then you go to your full licence, which allows you to ride any damn motorcycle you want. I still have another 17 months before I can sit the test for the Full licence because I am under 25. If I were over 25 I'd only have to be on restricted licence for 6 months, instead of 18. That's how it works here.

  20. @Psymon: Wow, that's complicated. Is it the same for cars or do you just go through the learner's permit and driver's license stages?

  21. oh, here it is under 16, 150cc is the limit, past 16, you can ride any bike you want, but only 150cc limits you, as you won't be fast enough for the interstate, so you are stuck to regular roads or highways on bikes if you are under 16.


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