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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stark Raving Sane

Yo.  'Sup fools.  *pitiful gang signs*

This is just a little update to fend off angry mobs who might be pissed at me for not having updated already.

I am in college.  My senior year.  I graduate in May, ergo I have classes I must pass in order for my dreams to come to fruition.  I am currently being attacked by horde after horde of reading material and homework assignments and Organic Chemistry Labs.  Once the weekend hits, however, I will have but one quiz and one exam for which to study.

...In my world, this really does mean that I'll actually have free time.  I hope to get the new episode out once the tides of battle have turned.

In addition, for those who haven't noticed, I've also added captions to episodes 00 and 01 thanks to danielcdawson on YouTube.  (THANKS, DUDE!)  Just in case you couldn't understand my nonsensical gibberish the first time around, you now have the option of having it translated into English for you.

Trust me.  It's awesome.

In other news, due to growing demand and my just not wanting to deal with it anymore, I changed my profile pic here on blogspot.   I don't wanna change my YouTube one 'cause I love that drawing, and it's so obviously not human.  As for the pic here: Yes, that is me.  No, I am not a dude.  I'm not even a gay dude pretending to be a chick because he feels more "natural" that way.  (Gay dudes are cool, though.  They're SO easy to hang out with if you're a chick.)  However, if I get one more person asking my gender, I will respond with, "I'm a dude, dude," and set them aflame with my psychic hate beams.  And don't complain about my hair.  The color is supposed to be like that as well--for two reasons: a) I don't use incandescent lights in my room, just red Christmas lights that make pictures red, and b) It should be enough of an alteration to keep random strangers on the street from leering at me funny. 

Oh, and FYI, my shirt has a panda bear on it that says "Panda to me."  XD  So cute!

Okay, I'm gonna go read Darkly Dreaming Dexter for my class now.

...Seriously.  That's the curriculum.  I didn't even pick it--the professor did.  I also have to read I Am Legend and The Exorcist.

I love college.

EDIT: Larger picture size HERE on my RT page.


  1. Lol, Cyh. Maybe I should get a panda telling your teachers to accept me into their class.

    No, never mind, I'm not really a horror fan.

    I did notice the gay guys worming their way into the girls groups(O_O)....

    Captions are awesome!!!

    Good luck with your quiz!!!

  2. Seriously!? I want to take that class.

    I mean damn. If my teacher gave me a reading assignment to flip through one of the Dexter novels...I might just buy that teacher a barbie doll.


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