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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Any Questions?

So the Minds and I have decided to do a Q&A at some point where people send us questions and we answer them as a group thing on Skype.  It, theoretically, should be AWESOME.  It'll be Krimsin, Pirate, Corky, Psymon, and moi, and we'll be looking for questions from YOU guys, either for each of us individually or as a group or whatever.  So my challenge to the masses is: send us questions.  Lots of questions--funny ones, silly ones, serious ones, weird ones, scholastic ones, etc...--we'll take all comers.  (No math questions, PLEASE.)

Just PM on YouTube or ask them on our blogs or whatever, but just let us know that they're questions for the Q&A in the subject area or near the top of the comment, or else they might get answered in script form. Not nearly as fun.

In addition, I'll be posting a blooper reel sometime in the next couple of days, since the screw-ups are backing up and YouTube's stingy with time.  I'll put another question request in there as well.

That's if for the moment.  Toodles~!

=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. iv got a queastion for the Q&A for you :)
    so now we know portal 2 is coming out will u continue chells mind if chell is the main charater in the game??

  2. How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could use portals?

  3. What is your favorite machinima series
    do you like corky
    do you think i'm sexy
    tits or GTFO

    you know all the standard stuff,(just joking)
    but honestly,
    what is favorite machinima Series?

  4. Best way to make a Mind series?

    Steps, scripting, joke, etc.

    Could help me with my Mind series.

  5. Have any of you met Ross? (Phone, face to face, eMail)

  6. what programs do you all use to make ur minds series?

    what would be the best for people with no experiance in sound/video editing?

    Plus any tips on the best way to get started on creating a machinima series?

    plus id like to thank all of u on behalf of all the minds fans cause u guys(and girl) are the greatest. I thank you.

  7. \m/_ > o < _\m/


    How about some non-machinima questions now?!

  8. Are you romantically involved with anyone?
    Do any of you watch any of the abridged series? (ie. yugioh, DBZ, etc.)
    do you like mudkip?
    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Both African and European.

  9. @jaffa_5: Chell will be playable in the next Portal.

    And a question: What is the best game you ever played besides Portal(and the Half-Life series)?

  10. @Rallinale thats awsome thanks i havnt had much time to read about portal 2 yet but i cant wait cause its going to be awsome like all valves games

  11. @jaffa_5:


    These two pages gave me SO MUCH INFO.
    I love the Combine OverWiki! XD

    @Joseph: I think I just sensed a math question. My CalcuSense is tingling...+_+

    Oh...and this may sound odd, but what is up with this whole Mudkip thing? I love Pokemon as much as the next Game Boy Color nerd who grew up in Japan during the PokeBOOM, but really, I'm not understanding.

    (I'm a HUGE Larvitar fan, though. So cute...XD I loved him even more when he became Tyranitar! ...Oh, crap. I can feel a renewed obsession coming on.)

  12. @cyh thanks :D

    pokemon died for me back in 97 and q bone and marrow whack were the best lol

  13. I love it too. It had the best information any Wiki gaming had to offer(well at least that's my view on it).


  14. @cyh
    the mudkip thing was a 4chan joke but later became a meme

  15. @Gaara: Oh ho. Not one I really get, though. kinda weird meme.

    @Everyone: So is that all for the questions or are there any more? Oh, and by the way, check out the interview Krimsin did:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    I did one as well. I'll post the link once it's uploaded.

  16. Do you think you could survive Portal if you were there? Also, do you have Garry's Mod?

  17. same thing as Spartan429...Garry's mod

  18. I have a question. How did it feel for all of you to start making your own -minds? I mean, after seeing Freeman's mind, then deciding to make your own, what were your first thoughts? And what would you advise someone if they wanted to try making their own kind of machinima?
    And for a non-machinima question, how well do you guys all get along?

    That is, if you are still taking questions...


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