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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artistic License and MY NOISY MONITOR

So I've been thinking about it, and I've decided to let everyone know that I have a deviantART page where a lot of the stuff I draw ends up--some of my writing, too, which is less sparkly than my art, but equally awesome.  At some point in the future, I'm planning some fanart for all the Minds, and I guess anybody else who has a dA page can see me there and whatnot or whatever. Watch out for the eyeball, though.  It can see into your soul, and I'm sure you're all hiding dirty, dirty secrets that the eyeball will immediately seek out and relay to me for when I need to blackmail random people for money.  Extortion is an awesome word.  Exhortation is a different, yet equally awesome word.

I'm really tired right now, by the by, so forgive the oddity that is my exhausted typing style.  I've been living on four hours a night for the past week.  Sometimes Wednesday night.  That sucked.  Organic chemistry is awesome, but does it really have to be at 8AM?  REALLY?!

That being said, did y'alls see that new Shephard's Mind?  The Oxycodone thing?  (Is that supposed to be capitalized?  I can't recall.)  Yeah, that's my state of Mind right now.  Except with less drugs and more sleep deprivation, which is kinda like drugs, as well as like staring at the waves at the beach for an hour and a half without realizing that you've been hypnotized by that tricky, tricky water.  (Tricky water...)

Water is awesome.

Dew is better, though.

I should lay off the caffeine, but that is an undying love.  We'll be together forever.  Like that Shakira song.  The one I saw every three minutes when I lived in England....with, like, three minutes between each playing, I mean.  Because there were other songs, too.  Like that milkshake song.  Saw that one a lot, too...Sky has a lot of music channels.  Kerrang was my favorite.  I love rock...

Was Shakira ever popular in the States?  I wouldn't know.  I missed a lot of that stuff while I was overseas.  Well, I still miss a lot of it anyway, since I don't watch much TV or listen to the radio now that CD players exist, but it's the thought that counts.

The Count of Monte Cristo is the perfect revenge, according to my friend.  The anime version just felt like a vampire acid dream to me, though.  Was The Man in the Iron Mask related to that book?  For some reason they're connected in my head.


I'm just gonna sleep now.  I have a meteorology cruise in the morning.  If I'm late, I'll probably be shot in the face by Karma.  Because he can be an ass sometimes........he's not a person, but if he were, he'd totally shoot me in the face for missing the cruise.  Because...I already wrote that, dammit!  But yeah, the wind speed ain't gonna measure itself.  Neither will the turbidity or the air pressure or the humidity or the other stuff I can't remember right now.  The monitor's making it's screaming noise again.  I think it's possessed by demons, because it seems only I can hear it, and it's killing my ears--I know because I can hear it ALL THE TIME when it's silent in the room.  It's like being stabbed with one of those ear thermometers--not the kind I'll use on the cruise, though.  That's what the laser thermometer is for.  I hope I don't develop Tinnitus.  That would suck so hard, the universe would implode......

Oh, yeah.  Sleep.  I'mma do that now.

Guten nacht, waga tomo yo.  Bona nox, mei amici....

Latin is fun.

~_~ ...zZZZ


  1. Kerrange FTW :D and shikera will haunt my dreams till i die and possably be the only song that plays hell lol

  2. haha... I love the milkshake song, they made a screamo version of it too, It's kinda funny, there is also a pokemon remake, my favorite

  3. CyhAnide, are you going to participate for Earth Day? Well, in my country, it's already happened.

  4. There you go folks, Cyh at her worst.

  5. That explains Chell haha.

    You know you can't lay off caffeine. Caffeine is too good AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ok I think I'm a bit insane too... Being up at 5:30 in the morning does that to you

  6. how could you not be insane in a mad house like this?

  7. Um...I don't actually quite remember writing this.

  8. well, on a scale of 1 to 10, how drunk, high, or cyh were you at the time of writing this, all three could end in memory loss

  9. @Gaara: Just sleep deprived, really. Drugs are for pansies who can't find better ways to entertain themselves (hydrocodone for wisdom teeth excepted...hydrocodone is oxycodone's generic cousin), and I'm not quite a fan of alcohol. Once in awhile, okay, but alcoholism runs in the family, and my liver has been really good to me...

    Cyh, now, might be the best explanation. I occasionally have fits of wordiness--rants, if you will--or stream of consciousness--whatever. What shocks me the most is it seems that I took care to spell things properly and use punctuation!

  10. Love the videos, Appreciate the alcohol situation, trust me, im in the same boat except I work @ a winery, oh and have you tried Mtn Dew code red? its like an addiction!. Anyway, keep up the good work, and if you get depressed, just remember, "you would be.... the chosen one". hahaha

  11. I know how you feel. I've been living off 5 or less hours of sleep, almost since August. And I also love Mountain Dew, it's my favorite. Good luck with everything.

  12. *wicked spasm dancing!*

    O_o; I...don't know why I had to do that.

  13. isent the count of monte cristo a lupin the III movie?


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