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Friday, March 12, 2010

Didja Miss Me?

Hey, people.  What's up?  I'm doing very well, all things considered.  Never mind that the season finale of Dexter is eating away at my soul--and making me want to go into cryostasis until September.  I marathoned all four seasons this past week.  One main reason for the lateness of the following announcement:

I'm finally done with Chell's Mind - 04!!  Go on.  Go check it out!  Sure, it's probably still processing 'cause YouTube's a douche, and HD probably won't be ready until tomorrow this time for the same reasons, but the fact is that it's uploaded and I can finally sleep guilt-free....and re-marathon Dexter guilt-free.

In other news, I'd like to do a Q&A with all the Minders I've had the pleasure of speaking with on Skype. (Krimsin, Corky, Pirate, and Psymon--in chronological order of talking-to)  Since keeping order is kind of hard in group conversations, I figure the people who are interested can send in questions via PMs on YouTube, or even just on the blog here.  Logistics and times will be figured out later on.

Also, if anybody here will be at MegaCon in Orlando this weekend, I'll be there for the Saturday event, chilling with my anime club.  You might just run into me.  ^_^  I have shopping to do.  XD  *excited*

So yeah, that's about it.  Hope the new episode fills you with hope and terror and all that jazz! 

Peace!  (^_^)V

=_= ~*(cyh)*


    Now hurry up and process!!

  2. THREE 5 star ratings, and nobody's even seen the episode yet. THAT'S how awesome this series is.

  3. @Corky: Wait...seriously???

    o_O; People are SO weird. *laugh* XD

  4. Well, I was impressed, so my anticipation rate was well placed ^_^

  5. I watched it and once again, another great episode! I like the part where you fall several miles through the portal.

  6. @Farizul: Thanks! I figured I'd get terminal velocity out of the way before people drove me insane asking for it.

    @Psymon: Excellent. You must be psychic...but not possessed.


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