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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Wee Interview

So I recently did an interview with Caboos15, AKA goblinsrevenge, on YouTube--the same person who interviewed Krimsin--and I'm posting the links here for anyone who's curious as to how I sound when I'm being....normal.

Yes.  Normal.

In addition, I'm still looking for more questions--LOTS OF QUESTIONS!  TO ANY OF US OR ALL OF US!--and waiting for Psymon to heal prior to any sort of Q&A thing.

Here are the three parts to the interview:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Hope it's entertaining and semi-informative!
=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. Even when doing an interview you're hilarious! xD

  2. I said the word "like" at least fifty times.

    I must have been more nervous than I'd realized!


  3. Like oh my gawd! Like getting interviewed is like sooooo scary :P

  4. @Psymon: I'mm'a smack you silly.


  5. "I don't hate you either!"

    God! You're not even in role and that cracks me up every time! xD

  6. @Corky: *laugh* That's just how I act normally. If it's not a joke--except in the most serious of situations (and even then that doesn't always matter)--then it's not worth saying. "Life is in the laughter" is my mantra.

  7. El Gasp !!!!

    Thou can be normal ??????

    'Tis the end of the world.

    Excuse my poor sanity levels while I go watch teh interview. (that's teh not the)

    --- Anistuffs

  8. oh well, even if your terrible at interviewing, atleast you can make a mind, look at my first episode compared to yours

    it sucks, oh well i'll do something else


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