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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I don't know why I feel like telling, but...

...I got into my first car accident about a week ago.  Not my fault, so the other insurance is taking care of it.  She pulled out in front of me while hidden behind a couple other cars.  I hit the brakes, but I'd been going a little less than 50mph, so it was still a pretty good wreck.  I probably hit at around 25-30mph, though it's hard to tell when you're concentrating on not dying.  (Trust me: 25-30mph is damn fast for a car wreck.)  I think the thing that annoys me most is that I'd really rather not have to deal with this while dealing with the school stuff.  Real life has no business in my school life! poor baby.  TT_TT  She's not totaled, but still....I hate seeing Betty in pain.  (Betty is my car--yet another example of how far Kung Pow has infiltrated my life.  MmmmmBetty.)  I have the same kind of car now as the one that saved me and my family in a horrifying accident when I was four: Toyota Corolla.  Say what you will about power and speed, but those are tough little cars.  My entire family (including myself) might be dead or terribly injured otherwise.  (Hit by a drunk driver on a major highway, ended up rolling end-over-end several times, followed by multiple barrel rolls, followed by a rough landing in the median, right side up.  They had to get my mom out with the Jaws of Life.)  Instead, we're all fine, even my little brother, who was about two and a half at the time.  In fact, we walked away unharmed--which actually shocked the paramedics.... o_o;

Ah, and I'm fine, though it worries me that my airbags didn't deploy.  Note to self: check airbags.  I really thought I'd be too panicked to drive again, but really, I think I've got some sort of apathy bug, 'cause I'm perfectly fine.  I'm crying like a baby every day, but that's just because of stress from school and graduation.  Not related to the car...though looking at her black eye makes me cringe inside.

So I guess the moral of the story is: Don't get into car accidents.  Insurance companies are cranky buttmunches and you vehicle should be precious to you.  If it's not, then there's something wrong with you.  Also, seat belts are important--without them I'd be dead or mangled or something.  ALSO, don't pull out randomly into open traffic without first yielding the right of way.  Because otherwise you're just a douchetard. ALSO, drinking and driving is the most retarded thing any living person could ever do....aside from maybe shooting oneself in the foot on purpose.  ALSO!  Don't assume that everyone around you is a good driver.  Assume they're all retarded and talking on the cellphone while fiddling with the radio and cleaning up spilled soda.  Only then are you truly safe.

That is all.  Sorry for the rant.  I just turned in a massive Toxicology paper and I'm trying to wear out my brain before I have a chance to think about how many hours I spent on that thing.

I have to go sleep now, before my body collapses.
=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S.: For those who might be curious as to what I'm doing, here's one of the projects I worked on, which was due today.  It was part of a hybrid project: a paper and something media-related.  I picked the internet because I want to know the internet for the good, and not the hours spent toiling searching for any and all of the horribly scarce chronic toxicity data available for tributyltin compounds.


  1. ...

    ...Holy motherfucking shit...

  2. I have to agree DUI is pretty stupid

  3. Holy shit! That's a terrible day.

  4. Holy shit.

    Good lord, I'm glad you weren't hurt badly!

    I don't really know much of what to say, but remember you've always got us here for you if you need to vent or need someone to talk to.

  5. It sure is "Holy shit" in here.

    I must say that driving like every other person on the road is an idiot won't change much... Because most of the time, its true. I find that driving assertively, yet defensively works best.

  6. Actually seatbelts aren't as ideal as most people think afaik. They will help you with crash from the front at small speed BUT they might mean your death if you crash at high speed or a crash from the driver side. You see in the first case w/o them u will go through the front window instead of taking the whole force on you and in the second, when You're not wearing seatbelts during a crash You will just be pushed to the side, while in the same situation with the seatbelts, they will keep u in place in the way of the car.

    Sorry for my poor english skills I'm half asleep and not from english-speaking coutry ;)

  7. @Anon#2: Good to know about the non-English thing, though you're pretty good, actually.

    Anyway, I've already had one massive internet argument about seatbelts, so I'd rather not have another.

    However, keep in mind that the crash I was in at age four involved collisions on EVERY SIDE of the vehicle--end-over-end and rollover, multiple times each--at about 70mph. I seriously got out thinking it had been some awesome carnival ride. They gave me a panda bear plushy at the hospital--I still have's cute. I do remember my baby brother screaming, though. Without seatbelts, all four of us would have died, thrown from the vehicle like ragdolls in Garry's Mod, so I'm on the side of seatbelts, thanks. Better safe than sorry, and better paranoid than dead.

    @Corky: Dude. You just started a meme.

    @Reaper: Thanks, man. It's good to have friends who will tolerate the venting. ^_^ I'll be back at RT full-time in no time.

    @Bassist J.: That's pretty much the gist of what I was saying--if you assume that everyone around you is out of their minds, distracted, and stupid, you'll be a lot more cautious and defensive about your own actions. Especially in my state where the teachers cried because my entire high school graduating class survived without anyone dying in a car wreck. A rarity, I've discovered.

  8. Well I'm not saying You shouldn't use seatbelts. Probably most of accidents are in situation were seatbelts are helpful. Also if You have airbag I heard that if you're not wearing a seatbelt during the collision the airbag might snap Your spine. Can't tell you how much truth is in it, it's just what i heard on first aid course from a woman that's working for emergency and is helping people after accidents (dragging people out of crashed cars and stuff like that). I just don't like forcing people things (like wearing seatbelts). If it's good for you then it's enough to convince you it's really good if it's not then forcing it is slavery :P. There's no purpose in forcing by law something that doesnt hurt others if you're not doing it. It's Your life, you should be able to decide...

  9. @Anon: I'm pretty sure the practicality behind enforcing it is a) to minimize injury claims for insurance companies and reduce costs overall, and b) to minimize deaths from having your face smashed against the windshield. Airbags can burn you and seatbelts leave bruises, but at low speeds (20-35mph) seatbelts can save you from cracked ribs and ruptured spleens and skull fractures. The fact that they spread the force of impact across your whole body, rather than letting you hit a single point, is what makes them work. Plus, they lock you in place so you don't get thrown from the car during especially bad collisions.

    They can't save you from everything, but I'm down with making seatbelts a law. I'm not losing my scant handful of particularly stupid friends because they "didn't have to wear it."

  10. So basicly u prefer "greater good" over "individual freedom"?

  11. I'm just glad to hear that someone out there still wears seat belts.
    In my county, there has been 14 deaths because of people not wearing seat belts in just the past 3 weeks.
    Phone off, belt on, bottle down, and eyes up. Is that SO HARD to remember?!

  12. @Anon: There's a world of difference between "individual freedom" and stupidity. I've lost classmates (in my first high school), and my friends have lost loved ones and best friends because of that stupidity. I watched a grown man (a military officer) cry like a baby in front of hundreds of people because his daughter was killed. No father deserves that.

    So yeah. That's what I prefer: fewer dead people, and fewer crying parents.

    @xsStudios: Sounds like that one road I used to live near in England. It was dangerous to begin with, but two whole families were killed on separate occasions because nobody was wearing their seatbelts, and were thrown from the cars.

    ...Don't even get me started on cellphones. I've nearly died multiple times because of THOSE bastards.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Wow. I'm sure the momment you were four, you were singing "I will survive. I will survive. HEY HEY!". I know I would have. Glad your ok. :)

    @xsStudios: I know how you feel. I live in the middle of 2 BIG Highways.


  15. I wish there was something I could do to help you, but, due to the limits of the internet, I hope this simulated hug helps. *hug*

  16. @Cyh
    Still a grown man has the right to die if he want to. It's his life and he's the one to do the choice.

  17. @Anon: Suicide is an individual's own business. I couldn't care less about that. Just don't do it in a car, because my insurance is bad enough already, and don't involve innocents because they have the right to live as much as he has the right to die. He can OD or hang himself like any other mature adult would.

  18. 25 mph is indeed enough to get killed sometimes... Old KIAs even gave 100% chance to rip drivers legs off after hitting something with that speed. Good that only the car got hurt this time. :)

    BTW, after I saw your videos in youtube I was quite impressed, and the way you write blog notes only make this feeling stronger. And the photo... Just why you live in US? When try to find a pretty, intelligent girl in Poland with some knowledge about computers I always fail... It's so unfair. ;)

  19. @Alchemik: KIA...Ugh... >_< I can't stand them!

    ~_~ Life is never fair. I always end up as one of the guys. It's a curse, really. I mean, it's fun to hang out, but still...

  20. Holy Shit

    Well if that person that is not whereing a seat belt gets in an accident they can turn into debris and hurt other people.


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