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Monday, April 19, 2010

I've Officially Cracked.

So I was looking up some music to chill to whilst torturing myself with Meteorology and stumbled across an old favorite artist by the name of BT.  This guy does wonderful, mathematically-inspired music, and my favorite album by far is "This Binary Universe."

In short, I found a song.  It's entitled "Good Morning Kaia" and I haven't stopped crying since.  The music video is all video taken by the artist and his family, and it's about his daughter.

To those of you who like a feel-good cry-your-eyes-out-because-you-ought-to-on-occasion video, I give you this.

Make sure to read the text.  It's a message to his daughter.

....I have to go hug my daddy now.  TT____TT

8_8 ~*(cyh)*


  1. *Hugs* Just hang in there, we totally do not need to lose a Mastermind to the evils which is stress and anxiety!!!
    We're all majorly looking forward to having you back amongst our ranks making teh lulz happen.
    Perhaps after all this is over, there will be... cake?

    We miss ya!!!

  2. This Just Make's you love you family more than anything else. Like as long as there still there, nothing else matters. :) Good Luck.

  3. Don't worry, you'll be fine soon. We're here, and the people that matter are here, and that's all that matters, because only the people that matter are here.

  4. Interesting addition to the side of the blog... o_O

  5. @Corky: I decided to play with XHTML during a 15-minute break between work on a presentation. It's originally from some form thing called "What's Your Battle Cry?" but I changed the colors and removed those annoying links.

    I like the scalpel bit. It suits a future doctor.

  6. hey cyh i heard that you have never played half life decay well you can download it at

  7. @Anon: I'm not really interested in co-op games.

  8. Well thare is a single player mode on it.


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