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Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is Cake Town...and My Tonsil Hurts

That last post was...interesting. I'd take a break from obsessing over JDatE, but then I'd start seeing the shadow people again, and that wouldn't be cool.  But a portal to THAT I CANNOT give up.

On a more important note, I've gotten tons of questions for the Q&A, but why are most of them to me? These are for everybody in the group, so if I don't get enough for the others, I'll be forced to ask them my questions.

+_+ You do not want this.

On another important note, something is in my ear...cochlea...eustacean tube...throat? I can't tell. I've got one tonsil that hurts when I swallow, but is totally okay with chewing food, yawning, and all the other standard mandible manipulations. In other words, recording my voice now would probably kill it. Also, I'm plagued with transmission radios and the Latin music is driving me (and, most notably, Chell) up the proverbial wall. Other than burning them, I can't shut them up, and it's screwing up my plans! If you know how to make them stop, please inform me, for I am stymied at this juncture.

Too much Sherlock Holmes... =_=;

Okay, I'm gonna sleep now, before my ear explodes and my eyes fall out of their tired sockets...Bonne nuit, mon amis!  (Why the French?  Because I haven't used it yet.)

~_~ ...~zzZZ(cyh)ZZ


  1. Hope you're not getting a cold.

    As for the radios, I've read reports that they only appear after you've finished the game once (Heartbreaker achievement, perhaps?). I don't know if it would help, but you could try uninstalling the game, clearing any data about it, and reinstalling. And hope the interaction with your Steam account doesn't bring them back. That's the only thing I can think of, other than begging Valve to do something about this since it's marring the enjoyment of this game.

  2. About the radios, you could probably replace all of the radio files with a very quiet sound, or to the music of your choice.

  3. lol, I'm sorry about the latin music, I hate it too

  4. Oh, hey yeah. Patrick has a good idea. If you grab GCFScape you can manipulate the Portal files. Just replace all of the "dinosaur" files with silent .wav files. That might work -- at least until the next Portal update.

  5. My throats acting up too. Been sore since Thursday. >_<

    I must be empathizing or something.

  6. i thought GCFScape was read only

  7. @Buster: It is. I just tried it and I can't change the game files... TT_TT I had the perfect music, too!

  8. Oh man, I hope I am not passing on the virus that completely destroyed my voice!

  9. Oh my god, the Skype effect strikes again!

    As long as it doesn't affect the other Mind creators, the Mind Series will just be fine.

  10. =_= This is why I want to be a doctor. People are getting sick ALL THE TIME. There will ALWAYS be money!!! XD Muahahahahahaha~!

  11. Ah, I searched the Steam forums and found this:

    Basically, go offline and delete the file that keeps game state (or just rename it so you can restore it later). It's said to work. I haven't tried it myself, but it makes sense.

  12. On another note, there went my question for the Q&A. *sigh*

  13. @danielcdawson: Actually, I just tried and tested a different method that didn't risk my achievements or saves. XD It works wonderfully! I can finally use that vaguely relevant portal song!

    Thanks for checking around for me, though. I just created a file in the portal folder (under the owner name), and put the replacement music with the file name "looping_radio_mix". I had to replicate all the necessary directory files, though.

    The second entry is the one that told me this:

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