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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check this Mess!

Okay, I've decided not to make the new episode until I get the new 1080pHD monitor and Zalman VGA heatsink I ordered last night at 3AM.  (That's early in my world--shut up.)  AT LAST!  Hi-Def!  And no more high-pitched whine killing my ears~!  This also means that, chances are, the Q&A will happen prior to the new ep--which is fine with me since I'll have to fine-tune a lot of settings for the new monitor, not to mention overclocking the graphics card to improve performance a bit.

Yes.  Computer nerd stuff.  It's only important if you know what any of it means.

I can't wait until I can afford an i7 Lynnfield and an EVGA GeForce 470/480....I happen to like the P55 chipset, thank you very much!  So what if it's not triple-channel?!  It's still an awesome setup.

New stuff I'm getting--'cause it's pretty, and the old monitor is destroying my hearing:

Monitor: HP 2159m 21.5" 1080p LCD w/BrightView (i.e., none of that anti-glare blurry crap)

Heatsink: Zalman VF1000 LED VGA Heatsink (pure copper FTW~!)

What I already have:

Case:  CoolerMaster NV690 Mid/Full Tower ATX (I LOVE THIS CASE)

Mobo: EVGA P55 SLI (Note: this chipset had no north bridge--all that's on the CPU)

CPU: Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield (2.67GHz x4 cores--sorry, no HT, but yes Turbo Boost!)

RAM: 6GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 2000 (3x2GB)

 Graphics Card: XFX Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM (Oldest component in the system, but still a nice little card.)

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB w/32MB Cache (This thing is SILENT)

PSU: Rosewill Stallion 500W Blue LED (My little trooper.)

Optical Drive: DVD/CD-R/RW, etc.... (No LightScribe, though--that's on the laptop.)

Yeah...I've put some really pretty pennies into this thing.  I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT MONITOR!!!!

That is all.
=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. I went to the gym today, for the first time since high school.  Ah, it feels good to work out all that stress.... Remember: cardio is important!


  1. I wish my computer was even HALF as powerful as yours... -__-

  2. @Corky: Dude, yours is fine for what you need. I'm just a power-hungry chick with a male mentality. I also had a job over the summer, and graduation presents are badass. (I also got a $1800 [USD] diamond and ruby ring from mom and dad!)

  3. Love your planned rig, cept I've always been an ATI fan :P

    I NEED A JOB >.<

    I hope to work at mah skool as an I.T. assistant, but I'm having a bit of trouble convincing them to hire me >.>

  4. @Corky: There is plenty of time to get it.

    @Kavukamari: As long as you're an Intel person, I hold nothing against you. Odd numbers of cores just weirds me out...they MUST be in binary! MUST!

  5. >they MUST be in binary! MUST!
    What about one-core CPUs?

  6. @Anon: They have an excuse, because zero core CPUs would break infinity.

    ....I hate Calculus.

  7. Overclock the 750 to 4GHZ. You know you want to.

  8. Stick with the i5 and get a radeon 5870 :)

  9. @Vinh: I've overclocked it to 3.2GHz so far. I'll try for more when I finally get a new Heat sink for it.

    @Graham: Now, now--you KNOW I'm an Nvidia girl. Though I do admit that the Radeon does more calculations per second, Fermi is just too attractive for me to pass up the opportunity. Plus, I can use the 8600 as a PhysX card if I do get a 400 series--the GeForce series is awesome like that.

  10. I bet Macs don't have to worry about this. they are probably still stuck in there Never Ending Rainbow Spinning Circle (N.E.R.S.C. for short).


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