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Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Debilibus Somnus Est..."

"Naze Latin o tsukatten desu ka?" to kikun desu ne?  Datte, hima dakara.  Romaji shika kakenainda!  Moji ga naindakara.  Atashi no subete no kangae wa Nihongo de ari!!  Sore yori, eigo wa mou...chotto tsumaranainda.  Ne?

Ah, Gintama wa oshii na?  Kaete kure, Gin-chan!  Hitori ni shinaide!  Atashi kanashii yo!  Baka na koto bakkari kangae shika nai!  Maji de shinimasu!!!  Jissatsu suru!  IMA SUGU NI!!!

Ja, omaera wa koko ni iru nara, oshieru.  Tsugi no video wa mou totta, soshite nokori wa tada seiyuu no koto dake. 

Nemuritakunai.  "Suimin wa yowamushi no tame da."

"Sleep Is for the Weak."

Ijou nashi.  Oyasumi nasai, yowamushi-tachi
=_= ~*(sai)*

P.S. Iiwake ga arun desu yo.  5:38am desu.  Tsukareteiru kedo, demo atashi wa tomaranai!  Dialogu o shiagaranakucha!

.....Sumimasen.  Noh miso ga toketeiru.

(I suck at Romaji.  Forgive me for misspellings and random spacings--I have had no formal training.....also, special mention in a vid for anyone who can decipher ALL of the above.)


  1. Well, so much for google translate...

  2. *Gasp!* Cyh! You're learning? Is this from something you watch, or is it a message to the fans?
    I must decipher this now! *Does the best she can, since all the Japanese she knows is from songs*

  3. Naze is the Latin words: Oh tsukatten? "It Death? Datte, because the castor kikun. Shiga Roman kakenainda! 門司如Ku naindakara. I is not shaking the Japanese Nihongo de kangae Ali! Men from pain, a little ridge Ei Kazu ... tsumaranainda. Ne?

    Oh, Kazu Oshii Gintama na? Kaete Oh, her silver! One love shinaide! I'm sad! Na Koto Shika bakkari kangae stupid waste! Maji de shinimasu! Love of Jissatsu! Sugu of our IMA!

    Ja, omaera Il love Coco Nara Japanese, oshieru. Next is the sum of mu video totta, koto dake Soshite nokori voice is Tada Kazu.

    best i could do with google translate. how close?

  4. @Corky64 Unfortunately, Google Translate expects the text to be in Japanese script; it doesn't recognize Romaji. The only way I can think of, if you don't know kanji, is to transliterate it into kana and then use *that* as the text. (Of course, if you *do* know kanji, you probably know the language in general.)

    @Buster Probably about as close as YouTube's automatic transcription; I've found the results are similarly unintelligible.

  5. Excuse me for the swearing, but, Schweiße! I can't understand this! Why must you torture me so, Cyh? This hurts me so so much. I shall cry now.

  6. @All: Google translate wouldn't help even if this were all in kana and kanji. It sucks exactly that much.

    There are, however, Romaji dictionaries you can use. The only real problem is that I mix formal and informal forms, and I'm pretty sure there's some Kansai thrown in there somewhere...

  7. @johannmaximus: Actually, it's Scheiße, so you didn't swear. xD

  8. @Lord Psymon: Some say Scheiße, some say Schweiße. I have no idea who's right, so, I go with the more common one around here. But, for everybody, Scheiße and schweiße. Please tell us what it means, though it has something to do with Gintama, maybe it being cancelled, or from the series itself?

  9. @johannmaximus: Yeah, it's about Gintama being on hiatus, as well as progress on the next episode, general exasperation with the English language, my abhorrence of sleep, etc...

  10. She's speaking in tongues!

    Quick, someone get the holy water and start and start reading Good Housekeeping until I say stop!

  11. @Reaper: IT BURRRRRNS~! DX *laugh*

  12. This may be very minimal, but what I could get out of this was either a long quote by Gin, or a tribute to him I assume the third sentece of the second paragraph says please don't die, (I'm not to good at japanese lol). You say his name and a quote he would say so...
    -Gerstein1 of the youtube

    ps. I can't login to my gmail account :(

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Yes Cyh that is a very nice story that is written in a different language that Google translate can not translate. I completely understand *nervous laugh*


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