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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess What?


I've graduated college with a BS in pre-med bio at last.  *sigh*  Oh, how wonderful to be free of schoolwork...  My parents and grandparents got all emotional and whatnot, while my little brother just kinda stood there, waiting for it to end.

o_o  I had no idea my school did defense contracts...

That aside, happy Mother's Day to everybody's mommies.  I gave my mom some potted plants--she loves plants.  TELL YOUR MOTHERS HOW MUCH YOU APPRECIATE THEM!  Mommies are important.  =_= *stern face*

Also, Q&A coming up as soon as I can work out a date when everyone is free, not to mention a new episode of Chell's Mind as soon as I'm all squared away with cleaning my room and dusting my computer out.  Granted, it idles at 30C, but that's not good enough for me.  I'll also be getting a new HD widescreen monitor from my parents, so look out for 1080p in the near future.  BANZAI!!  Now I just have to get a job at a clinic, finish the MCAT, ASVAB, DLAB, and GRE (all tests), and join the Air Force.  Busy, busy, busy...

Okay, so this is the last call for interesting questions for the Q&A.  As soon as we've got a date ready, I'm closing submissions.  And no common/stupid questions.  I'm just gonna ignore those.

That is all.
=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. OH MY GOD. I got a little worried when May 7th rolled around and you still hadn't returned. I seriously thought something happened to you. Like a fatal accident or something... o_o

  2. Yay Cyh! Good job on surviving! *hug*
    And boy are you lucky to be out of school. I still have one more week of classes, then a whole week of huge presentations.

  3. YAY YOU MADE IT!!! Congratulations at graduating college. Good luck in the Air Force, and watch out for a friend of mine.

  4. Thank goodness that's all over! The interwebs has been Chell's Mindless for too long now.
    On the subject of school, I'm sitting my Linux exam tomorrow... Woopie!

  5. Grats, I hope I will have a similar success on my university soon... :] And new episode, that sounds great. I'm waiting for it quite a long time now, and even other mind sieres weren't releasing anything new lately... My youtube favorite list is hungry! ;)

  6. Excuse me Alchemik???
    While she was gone I released episode 10, Dave, The Crazy Scientist, Episode 11, and Episode 1 - 1920s edition.
    I've been pretty busy thankyouverymuch :P
    And Corky has been spitting out episodes like grape seeds, making me seem like a lazy so 'n so xD

  7. @Corky: You can bee really adorable sometimes, dude. I was fine--just partying with a friend and sleeping like a dead person. I'll be fully operational soon.

    @Ella: Aw, you'll do just fine, I'm sure. The more effort you put into it the faster it'll go. You'll be done in no time at all.

    @johannmaximus: Thanks, man. I'll look out for all the Air Force guys and gals. They're a good bunch.

    @Psymon: Lemme know how that exam goes. I'll be rootin' for ya!

    @Alchemik: The key is to not give up. No matter how had it is or how hopeless it seems, you can't give up. That's how I defeated calculus. =_= Evil calculus...

  8. Congrats! I just have 1 week of school >:(
    Yippy new episode!
    Good Luck in the Air Force! I've been there and they are really tough. No joke.

  9. I just sat my Linux exam. I wanted to tear my hair out but I did alright. I have to wait 'til tomorrow for results though! Grr

  10. Hey cyh heres a q&a question we have seen corkys yours ians faces. but what about simons and krimsions face? can you ask them if they could show who they looked liked somtime.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi Cyh I hope you did not skipe questions becaus of bad spelling cause some of them where good.

  13. @Anon: Psymon's picture is everywhere, dude. It's right on his blog. As for Krimsin, he's a mystery...

    @Anon2: I skipped bad/annoying/redundant questions, only. However, as punishment for not using spell check, I'll be reading questions with bad spelling phonetically.

  14. Congratulations for graduating, Cyh! Glad to hear that a new episode of Chell's Mind is coming

  15. hey cyh have you got a date planed yet for the q&a?

  16. heres a q&a question why dose krimson sound like knuckles the enchenda (sa1 and sa2)if you dont belive me watch sonic adventure and then watch shephards mind they sound simaler

  17. Wait Im confused Cyh is in the Air Force?!?! If that is true then what are you going to do in it. BTW Im gonna join the USAF after I finish AFROTC in College. Im gonna be flying Helicopters Rescue missions.


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