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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm having an issue with GLaDOS' dialogue.  Her lines are overlapping by about a second, making recording impossibly ridiculous.  Anybody know how to troubleshoot audio issues?  It's been fine until today--I know it's not the monitor's fault because it was working fine while I was tweaking the video options for the new screen. (720p will have to stick around a bit longer, by the way.  A GeForce 8600 GTS can't handle 1080p with Fraps running, apparently--shoves too much of the work onto the CPU.)

Anyway, I've reinstalled the game, screwed around with the sound commands in the console, changed languages to Spanish and Russian (overlapping occurs in other languages as well), defragged the game files, and cache checked the game files.  Nothing has worked.  I put in a support ticket to Steam, but if someone here knows how to fix the problem, I'd be much obliged.  (Google will not help you, however.  I already tried that, and all I got were issues with no dialog at all, and bizarre pages about GLaDOS in bondage.... 0_=;)

I can only start the next episode after this problem is fixed, so seriously--HELP!!!!  DX

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. I just made an ENORMOUS mocha cafe popsicle!  Like, 32oz. worth of mocha~!


O_O *gasp!*

O_o  *turn*

=_=  *stare~*  

+ 3 + MINE~!  *grumpy face*


  1. Well, since I haven't had that problem, I did end up Googleing it. However, in one of the pages about having no sound, they said something about overlapping:

    "1) A slow hard drive can cause delays in voices. Voice files are larger than other sound effects so when a sound effect first plays it loads quickly with little or no delay; when a voice file first plays it may load slowly and end up starting later than it should, leading to overlapping voices.
    You can test this by waiting until a voice file should be playing, then pausing the game with ESC. Wait for a bit for the sound to load and then resume and it should start playing immediately.
    If this is the case defragmenting your portal files through Steam should work. If you have multiple hard drives, moving portal/steam to a faster one, or ensuring windows uses the non-steam drive for the page file may also help.
    A new, fast hard drive might be an option of last resort as well. I got a 1TB hard drive for $85, great speed, and prices are lower than ever while storage space is high."
    This probably didn't help at all, but I thought I'd try anyway. ^^;;

  2. "bizarre pages about GLaDOS in bondage"
    link nao plox...

  3. Uhh... You feelin OK Cyh? Too much caffene is bad for you... right? Because if it isn't... GIVE ME CAFFENE PILLS! *spaz*

  4. @Ella: I'll try defragging again. I'm positive it's not the hard drive's fault, since it's a brand new 7200rpm WD with a 32MB cache. Thanks for looking around, though! ^_^

  5. Can't you uninstall and reinstall the free version of portal to get rid of the overlapping problem you've had in the recording?
    Or else record it somewhere else.
    - Gerstein1 (of the youtube)

  6. OMG That sounds awesome. about the coffe not the GLaDOS Dialog. mmm coffee thats frozen perfect for 110 degree weather.


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