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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who's Goin' Mango Huntin'? WE'S Goin' Mango Huntin'!

My mom's friend works cleaning an enormous empty mansion along the river, and the owners have an entire mango grove filled with trees and peacocks.  Some of the peacocks are albino.

Peacock poo is weirdly similar to cat poo.  Not like the uric acid poo of most birds.  That is, if the poo was indeed from the birds, and not some stray cat...

Enough biology.  Anyway, I  went mango hunting there with my mom.  It was AWESOME.  My mango tree died in the big freeze this past winter--JEANNE!  I MISS YOU!!!--so it was nice to see some LIVING trees.  (It sprouted during hurricane Jeanne, and grew in a loop-de-loop which mimicked the path of the storm--bitch came back for us, that's what that was!)

I'm not quite sure how we're going to manage to eat all those mangoes, though...the counter is stuffed with them.  We covered them in newspaper to keep in the ethylene dioxide that lets fruit ripen.

...Okay, that's enough.  I've got bio on the brain and it's non-conducive to being online.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's up when it's processed.  YouTube is slower than molasses on Pluto.

I have to go write now.  My brain is itching.  Oh, and Curtis, two new chapters are now available for your reading pleasure.  Be warned, though.  It's gonna hit you like a brick upside the head.

EDIT: Okay, that's enough waiting.

Chell's Mind - 05 (Part 1)
Chell's Mind - 05 (Part 2)

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"Talking is dangerous.  Shutting up is better."~Andykins
(I adore you!  ...And nobody knows what I'm talking about.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

75% of dubbing is DONE...

...and now my throat hurts.  I think I'm catching a cold.  It's 5AM and I'm tired, so I'm gonna go watch some TV now.  I hope I can post it before the bug really gets me.


Oh, and in case you guys are at all curious, sometimes I inject random lines from the episode into my posts here.  It's super awesome, and very weird.

Okay, I gotta go watch the Science Channel now.  Science is calling to me!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Halfway Point

I'm only halfway through the audio recording for two reasons:

1) I've gone crazy with working on my book writing, and as far as I'm concerned, original works trump parody.  I love writing...

2) Television in HD in my room and E3.  E3 is BIG.  I've watched the Portal 2 trailer and all its associated videos about fifty times, and I'm fairly certain that my little brother is now sick of me barging into his room to show him awesome new Portal 2 stuff.  Seriously, the music makes me happy, hearing GLaDOS makes me happy, watching turrets get sucked into vents and explode with lasers makes me happy...I'm just all giggly.

So yeah, it's slow going, and the people bugging me for the next episode are only delaying its release--it puts me in a cranky mood and I just don't work on it.  Instead, I watch the Discovery Channel 25th Anniversary two-hour Mythbusters special.  That's two whole hours I could've been working on an episode, and instead I'm watching explosion montages.

Food for thought.

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 Word of the day: Incongruous.
"Two incongruous triangles are the equilateral and the isosceles."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barbecue is Owning Me.

So I'm being lazy because of this need for barbecue.  I have no idea how it relates to my ability to record lines, but it's so hard to get into the mood.  It's 3AM and I'm watching the Food Network show "Unwrapped."  It's pretty freaking awesome.

I got to marinade a rack of ribs today, though.  Once it's grilled up the Irony Gods should logically be appeased.  Don't ask me what the logic is in that--there just is.  I hope my dry rub works out, though.  I wonder if anise is good with pork...mother will be mighty angry if it tastes wonky.

Ye gods, this is ludicrous.  WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT BARBECUE?!

I'm gonna go watch more "Unwrapped" now.

=_= ~*(cyh)*
Can you see the birdy?! (Yes, I drew this.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

I've finally started chugging away on the dubbing for part 2.  Including rendering, uploading, and processing, I'd set the ETA at around Tuesday.  Those of you who have uploaded HD before understand this time frame. I completed about 1.5 minutes in an hour of work.  I am slow, yes, but I'm also very picky about which takes make it, as well as how the timing is working.

The reasons for me taking so long to even start working on Part 2?  Tired, uninspired, annoyed at the internet, looking for a job, busy writing and editing, etc...  This isn't the only project I'm working on, so no whining allowed.  (Also, I'm not kidding when I say that every person who asks for the next episode extends the release by a day.  That's the estimated amount of time it takes for me to get over my irritation per individual.  I don't care if that makes me rather similar to Gabe Newell, since the guy brought us VALVe and I'm a fan of their work.)

In addition, people wondering why I sound rather curt or cross in this blog may speculate as they like.  However, keep in mind that I am female, and go through about a week of bizarre madness every month.  Pass My Shotgun, for the unlearned.

That is all.  I will watch House now, for that man amuses me greatly, and I finally hooked my HD cable box up to the new screen and desire juicy Hi-Def goodness.  (Been watching a lot of Food Network, I wanna barbecue something!)

=_= ~*(cyh)*