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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

I've finally started chugging away on the dubbing for part 2.  Including rendering, uploading, and processing, I'd set the ETA at around Tuesday.  Those of you who have uploaded HD before understand this time frame. I completed about 1.5 minutes in an hour of work.  I am slow, yes, but I'm also very picky about which takes make it, as well as how the timing is working.

The reasons for me taking so long to even start working on Part 2?  Tired, uninspired, annoyed at the internet, looking for a job, busy writing and editing, etc...  This isn't the only project I'm working on, so no whining allowed.  (Also, I'm not kidding when I say that every person who asks for the next episode extends the release by a day.  That's the estimated amount of time it takes for me to get over my irritation per individual.  I don't care if that makes me rather similar to Gabe Newell, since the guy brought us VALVe and I'm a fan of their work.)

In addition, people wondering why I sound rather curt or cross in this blog may speculate as they like.  However, keep in mind that I am female, and go through about a week of bizarre madness every month.  Pass My Shotgun, for the unlearned.

That is all.  I will watch House now, for that man amuses me greatly, and I finally hooked my HD cable box up to the new screen and desire juicy Hi-Def goodness.  (Been watching a lot of Food Network, I wanna barbecue something!)

=_= ~*(cyh)*



  1. Every time someone asks me when the next episode is also delays the release date. I REALLY do not like people who nag. ESPECIALLY since we're doing this in our SPARE TIME with NO PAYMENT whatsoever. Life outside the internet comes first. Mmmm, I want tacos.

    I'll have cookies waiting for the release of this one. I'll have to try this HD video thing when I get a system that doesn't suck.

    I might go watch Boston Legal now.


    Oh wait...

    I had a pretty crazy week once... Though, probably not comparable to you. Mine simply involved constantly getting my hair pulled by the guy who uses the locker to my left. A reminder to get a haircut. Hopefully that shotgun will go unused. But knowing the internet... I won't get those hopes up...

    And don't let that cat push you around. Assert your authority by pushing it back!

  3. I'll wait as long as it takes, this series is worth it :D

    (along with the other mind series' I follow!)

  4. ...

    *hangs head*

    I don't have a kitty. I'm allergic.

    *sobbing* TT~TT

  5. What is this obsession with commenting OMG FIRST!!!???

  6. @Psymon: I guess it's kinda like camping for three days outside the video game store to be first in line to buy Halo 3. (I know people who did similar things.) It's childish, really. Personally, I'm totally okay with whatever number, as long as I get what I want in a timely fashion.

  7. And you know that guy that camped out for 3 days is probably the worst Halo player. Ever. Of all time.

  8. I'd love to barbecue something, too. But since my wife is vegetarian, I'd be left eating it alone, and barbecue is best when shared, in my opinion.

  9. hello I really like your mind series as much as I like Shephard's Mind, Barney's Mind, Parker's mind didn't see much of Felix's mind but from what I saw it was pretty good I'm going to start my own mind series called Andrew's mind which is based on the HL1 mod THEY HUNGER and I would like some tips on how I can make it look professional. now keep in mind this is my first time so cut me some slake ok so just give me some tips on how to make it look good

  10. ok snakedude ill give some tips

    1 know all that you can about the game your playing! this is inportant becaus in order to have a good mind show you need to know all about the guns, the locals(charicters)and the time perod thats in the game.

    2 have a GOOD voice! haveing a bad voice can make the difrence from makeing the show good or bad.

    3 have a good script. any good mind show has atlest a idea of what to talk about in each episode also have some good jokes too.

    4 use fraps and sony vegas. thse two programs are some of the best when it comes to fliming and editing.

    5 be frendly to the fanbase.

    6 dont rush throgh the game its not a speed run!

    7 but act like your really there. what i mean is when talking think what would you do in some of the things that in the game so feel free to use noclip if you want to climb that fence.

    anyway i hope these tips help.

  11. Anon: I think you also need to improve your grammar. You don't even use any capital letters and punctuation. Seriously, how old are you?

  12. I'll pitch in here

    2. Don't do a mind series if your voice hasn't broken (unless your character is a child) because, even if the jokes are good, there's nothing more annoying than a Master Chief that sounds like he is 8 years old. Also, don't do a Chell's mind if you are a male. Seriously, just DON'T! We already have a really good Chell's mind, and there are countless attempts by males of it. Just DON'T! Save yourself the flames and pick a game with a male protagonist.

    3. I don't actually use a script, unless I need other people to say lines. I just have some idea about what actually is supposed to happen in the episode, and say lines accordingly until I am happy.

    4. Do NOT point your camera at a screen and say your lines while playing. This ALWAYS results in bad video. Make sure your computer can actually handle recording the game with FRAPS, because choppy frame rates tend to make the audience lose interest. Also, along side Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere is a good editor. But if you don't wanna fork out, just use Windows Movie Maker, and Audacity for audio.

    7. Have fun while doing this, but try and keep some realism in it. Like if a guard sneaks up on you when you don't expect it, don't keep rambling on about the sandwich you ate last week. It's better to go "That sandwi- OH FUCK! *gun down enemy* Ok anyway..." than "*guns blazing* Yeah that sandwich was so damn delicious." Also, adding elements that are not even related to the game (IE like the card board box bit in PM) makes things more interesting, and a lot of fun to work on. It can help when your 10 minutes of footage has almost nothing interesting going on, to add a little spice to the episode. Most of all, be creative! Don't take jokes from other series in an attempt to make yours funny. Having references is fine, but if your show ends up becoming another Shephard's mind but with a different face, people will notice, and you will not be very popular.

  13. @smakdude: What they said.

    Also, put a little effort into it, watch the episode before you release it, and judge it critically. If you watch it and don't enjoy it, don't release it--it's not worth the flames. Chances are, if you don't watch it, you'll have the entire internet at your throat within a day or so...and Corky will lead the posse.

    Lastly, you have dozens of examples of Mind series. If yours is incongruous in any way when compared to the rest, whether it's the way your intro looks or which style of credits you choose, chances are people are gonna avoid it because it doesn't fall into their concept of what a Mind series is. Title, episode number, black and white. Credits with white text on black, no scrolling. The title card doesn't have to look professional, either, but if you can't draw you can either trace a picture in black and white, or do something creative (e.g., the Beer Can).

    That is all.

  14. @Anon: Since when are you gonna improve your grammar? I mean look at all your comments. Almost all them have bad grammars. Seriously, read some dictionary. I think it might help improve your grammar.

  15. ^^ Likewise to you mate. Go read some dictionary yourself before you criticize other people for their spelling and grammar eh?

  16. hay thanks for your tips there really going to help me allot. can't promise that it will be good but maybe and oh I'm actuality 16 years old in case any of you are wondering

  17. good luck snakedude dont forget to remove the hud.

  18. @Anon: Yeah, unless if it was not a Valve game.


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