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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who's Goin' Mango Huntin'? WE'S Goin' Mango Huntin'!

My mom's friend works cleaning an enormous empty mansion along the river, and the owners have an entire mango grove filled with trees and peacocks.  Some of the peacocks are albino.

Peacock poo is weirdly similar to cat poo.  Not like the uric acid poo of most birds.  That is, if the poo was indeed from the birds, and not some stray cat...

Enough biology.  Anyway, I  went mango hunting there with my mom.  It was AWESOME.  My mango tree died in the big freeze this past winter--JEANNE!  I MISS YOU!!!--so it was nice to see some LIVING trees.  (It sprouted during hurricane Jeanne, and grew in a loop-de-loop which mimicked the path of the storm--bitch came back for us, that's what that was!)

I'm not quite sure how we're going to manage to eat all those mangoes, though...the counter is stuffed with them.  We covered them in newspaper to keep in the ethylene dioxide that lets fruit ripen.

...Okay, that's enough.  I've got bio on the brain and it's non-conducive to being online.

=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. Mango is my favourite juice!

  2. @Mr. Htims: Do I sense another person who knows where that title came from???

    @Corky: Mango, coconut, watermelon, persimmon, blueberry...I love all those fruits dearly. Goya mango juice is the shiz!

  3. @Mr. Htims

    I believe the correct line is TANGO sucka.

    Though I may be wrong.

  4. why not have pan seared mangoes

  5. pan seared mangobiscuits

  6. Mmm, mango. I'm also quite fond of a blend of pineapple and coconut juices.


  8. Don't you hate it when some weirdo you don't even know shows up out of the Internet woodwork and drops you compliments via blog-post comment in re: your hilarious Portal Machinima while ignoring the very salient and interesting facts about peacock crap that the post is actually about?

    Well, don't you?

    Great work on Chell's Mind. Not to diminish any of your co-conspirators, but I think yours just might be my favorite so far.

  9. the mangoe is a lie!

  10. @Cyh: I want a Mango!

    Not to shy away from the post, but this is also important. If you people don't know, Ross Scott's web site got hacked. Luckly, I have an idea. I posted something about OARS (Offical Army of Ross Scott). I want to stop the hacking of awsome series's like Freeman's Mind, Barney's Mind, Shephard's Mind, Chell's Mind, and Parker's Mind. I will set up a group on Facebook. Join the froup to join OARS.

  11. This may sound wierd but...

    The other night I had a dream I met Cyh, Robin, and The Emperor of New Zealand. It was f-ing creepy O_O. But to be honest, I watching the Meeting of the Minds at the time so... -_-

  12. @Mr. Htims: I once had a dream that I was a ninja destined to kill my ex, who was an evil ninja. There may be truth to dream interpretation....

    @Freeman000000: I don't have a Facebook...and I'm pretty sure that a group like that would just make the hacker want to screw with all of us a little more.

    @Anon: The mango is not a lie. I ate some today. Soooo juicy...

    @chanlemur: That happens way more often on YouTube, so it's not weird anymore.

    @Pirate: I suddenly want to draw things on the mangoes and make them pope...>_> Wow.

    @All: Anyway, the title comes from a song called "Chicken Huntin'" by the Insane Clown Posse. Your image of me may now plummet into the dirt, for I absolutely ADORE the ICP.

  13. but cy GLADOS told me it was a lie

  14. @Anon: Obviously, she was lying.

  15. @Cyh: But Hallie never lies. She's the most honest person on what we suspect to be Earth (Sarcasm complete)

  16. it costs $400,000 to eat a mango for exactly 12 seconds and where is GLADOS located as i will KILL that lying computer and give the cake

  17. I dont like mangoes. the skin is really bad and it is JUICY. i cant peel one to save my life.


  18. Hey, Chy. Just thought you might like to know about this:
    I think some sort of ARG is going on. Make sure you apply for a job, and don't miss the lambda at the bottom.

  19. Don't forget to look at this blog:

    The pics here are said to be 4 months old. Didn't I read at the Combine Overwiki that there were parts of the ARG that no one had found yet?


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