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Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of those days...

3:00AM EST

Ever have one of those days where you can't seem to sit still and you really want to get a ton of stuff done, but there's something called sleep that just keeps nagging and nagging and nagging?!

Yeah.  One of THOSE days.  Pretty irritating.  That was yesterday.  Today, all I've got is the not-sitting-still part, which sucks because my butt hurts from exercising yesterday and today.  Getting better, though I should probably takes some aspirin.  Man, it sucks when you wake up and sit up and suddenly your entire ass cramps up with a massive Charley horse and you're freaking out 'cause it's YOUR ASS and that's pretty important.  Sitting is painful.  Enough about my ass.

Anyway, the entire point is that the letter "C" on my keyboard keeps getting fickle on me.  Gotta change the tinfoil.  Wish I had a circuit board pen, but nooooo, they don't sell them at Best Buy because all those guys are ass-hats who think I'm retarded for asking whether a specific video card is capable of rendering at 1080p and treat me like some random chick who can't POSSIBLY know anything about the magical internal workings of a computer.

Bah.  They will suffer for their insolence.

On a lighter note, I finally found the courage to get rid of my old computer and the monitor.  Took it to Abraham the awesome computer man and he was all "Sure, I'll take it!" and I was all "I need an IDE PCI controller card" and he was all "HERE!  A TRADE!  TOTALLY FREE!!!" and I was all "YOU'RE AWESOME!  I'D HUG YOU BUT THAT WOULD BE CREEPY!!!"

Besides, I don't need an Athlon 64 for my P55 mobo.  That would be stupid, and it wouldn't even fit 'cause the Athlon's a PGA and the P55 has an LGA socket.  Plus, the P55 is an Intel board, and the Athlon is AMD.  I don't know why I was emotionally attached to that old thing.  Probably because I won it at Grad Night after graduating high school.  First time winning something, EVER.  Free computers are badass, people.  Never turn one down.  RIP, Asylum.  I'll keep you in my heart forever!

So anyway, I now have about.........three terabytes of storage.  WOOT!  Finally got those old hard drives installed.  Damn you, IDE!  Why can't you just be SATA?!  I hate PATA cables.  They block all the air flow, and I'm gonna complain anyway, DESPITE the fact that my case is made of grill material!  (Not like a barbecue grill, but steel mesh...why didn't I just say steel mesh?)


Wow.  *reads through*  I have no idea what just happened.  I think I just had a geek attack.

Oh, yeah.  People?  Stop asking about episode 06.  Don't even joke.  The script is irritating me 'cause timing is everything, and people bugging me just makes me want to write something else.


At least I feel better now.  I'm gonna go do some writing.

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. Oh, yeah.  Now I remember why I'm so wonky.  See, there are these things called Korean dramas.  Most of them are a massive emotional suck-fest with terrible endings, but there's this one that I just rewatched called "You're Beautiful" that actually ends FANTASTICALLY and holy crap, don't EVER let me go to South Korea.  EVER.  Because I'll never leave.  I will devote my entire life to (intensely creepily) stalking THIS GUY:

Okay, bad pic...he's surgically turning a stuffed bunny into a pig-bunny.  See the piggy nose?!  XD  I WANT ONE!!!

Hwang Tae Kyung is the character's name in the show, and Jang Geun Seok is his real name.  His smile is pure evil--it's wonderful!  I swear, every time he smiles, a puppy dies.  I want to study him... +_+

Kang Shin Woo can go to hell, the clingy bastard.  Jeremy was adorable, though, and Go Mi Nyu...I want her to be my sister!  XD  I'm on a roller coaster ride.  I love this show, but I hate seeing it end.... DX

Anyway, here, the Korean version of Andy:

Freakin'ey, I have to go lie down now.  @_@;

P.P.S.: Here's my Gladys.  Boo-yeah!

P.P.P.S.:  MANGOES~!  This is my HARVEST!  +_+  (The pen is there to reference mango size.  I climbed up the tree and got all the big ones on purpose.  XD)

Monday, July 19, 2010


In light of recent comments that annoyed me, and disregard for the rules I set forth concerning commenting, I've decided to allow comments only by approval. If your comment is related to the post, you're good. If you're dragging your problems from other blogs to mine, I'm deleting it. What the other Masterminds do with their blogs is entirely their business, and I don't want people's grievances being dragged over here to irritate me for no reason.  They can do what they want--it's their blog and you should respect that. All other requirements in the italics above the comment box here still stand.  I've got enough nonsense to deal with in the real world where things actually matter.  I don't need people here giving me problems, too.  It's bad enough that I can't get in the mood to make the next episode--any more crap and I'm just going to wait until Portal 2 is released to continue the series.

I haven't slept in two days, to the point where even the slightest irritation makes it impossible for me to fall asleep at all.  I am INCREDIBLY cranky, INCREDIBLY annoyed at EVERYTHING, and I just want to write in peace.  I'll probably change things again when I'm in a better mood, but at the moment, in the wise words of Daddy's Ten Rules to Dating: 
"I've got a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres behind my house--do NOT trifle with me."

That is all.