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Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of those days...

3:00AM EST

Ever have one of those days where you can't seem to sit still and you really want to get a ton of stuff done, but there's something called sleep that just keeps nagging and nagging and nagging?!

Yeah.  One of THOSE days.  Pretty irritating.  That was yesterday.  Today, all I've got is the not-sitting-still part, which sucks because my butt hurts from exercising yesterday and today.  Getting better, though I should probably takes some aspirin.  Man, it sucks when you wake up and sit up and suddenly your entire ass cramps up with a massive Charley horse and you're freaking out 'cause it's YOUR ASS and that's pretty important.  Sitting is painful.  Enough about my ass.

Anyway, the entire point is that the letter "C" on my keyboard keeps getting fickle on me.  Gotta change the tinfoil.  Wish I had a circuit board pen, but nooooo, they don't sell them at Best Buy because all those guys are ass-hats who think I'm retarded for asking whether a specific video card is capable of rendering at 1080p and treat me like some random chick who can't POSSIBLY know anything about the magical internal workings of a computer.

Bah.  They will suffer for their insolence.

On a lighter note, I finally found the courage to get rid of my old computer and the monitor.  Took it to Abraham the awesome computer man and he was all "Sure, I'll take it!" and I was all "I need an IDE PCI controller card" and he was all "HERE!  A TRADE!  TOTALLY FREE!!!" and I was all "YOU'RE AWESOME!  I'D HUG YOU BUT THAT WOULD BE CREEPY!!!"

Besides, I don't need an Athlon 64 for my P55 mobo.  That would be stupid, and it wouldn't even fit 'cause the Athlon's a PGA and the P55 has an LGA socket.  Plus, the P55 is an Intel board, and the Athlon is AMD.  I don't know why I was emotionally attached to that old thing.  Probably because I won it at Grad Night after graduating high school.  First time winning something, EVER.  Free computers are badass, people.  Never turn one down.  RIP, Asylum.  I'll keep you in my heart forever!

So anyway, I now have about.........three terabytes of storage.  WOOT!  Finally got those old hard drives installed.  Damn you, IDE!  Why can't you just be SATA?!  I hate PATA cables.  They block all the air flow, and I'm gonna complain anyway, DESPITE the fact that my case is made of grill material!  (Not like a barbecue grill, but steel mesh...why didn't I just say steel mesh?)


Wow.  *reads through*  I have no idea what just happened.  I think I just had a geek attack.

Oh, yeah.  People?  Stop asking about episode 06.  Don't even joke.  The script is irritating me 'cause timing is everything, and people bugging me just makes me want to write something else.


At least I feel better now.  I'm gonna go do some writing.

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. Oh, yeah.  Now I remember why I'm so wonky.  See, there are these things called Korean dramas.  Most of them are a massive emotional suck-fest with terrible endings, but there's this one that I just rewatched called "You're Beautiful" that actually ends FANTASTICALLY and holy crap, don't EVER let me go to South Korea.  EVER.  Because I'll never leave.  I will devote my entire life to (intensely creepily) stalking THIS GUY:

Okay, bad pic...he's surgically turning a stuffed bunny into a pig-bunny.  See the piggy nose?!  XD  I WANT ONE!!!

Hwang Tae Kyung is the character's name in the show, and Jang Geun Seok is his real name.  His smile is pure evil--it's wonderful!  I swear, every time he smiles, a puppy dies.  I want to study him... +_+

Kang Shin Woo can go to hell, the clingy bastard.  Jeremy was adorable, though, and Go Mi Nyu...I want her to be my sister!  XD  I'm on a roller coaster ride.  I love this show, but I hate seeing it end.... DX

Anyway, here, the Korean version of Andy:

Freakin'ey, I have to go lie down now.  @_@;

P.P.S.: Here's my Gladys.  Boo-yeah!

P.P.P.S.:  MANGOES~!  This is my HARVEST!  +_+  (The pen is there to reference mango size.  I climbed up the tree and got all the big ones on purpose.  XD)


  1. @Mr. Htims: It's Cyh. Don't use that other name, please.

  2. Yeah, PATA cables are... what's the opposite of awesome? Not only do they block airflow, it seems impossible to do a simple thing like UNPLUGGING them in less than a few minutes, without risking damage (and why do the connectors seem designed to prevent you getting a proper grip?). And they're just generally unwieldy.

  3. "Enough about my ass."

    I could stand to hear a bit more.

  4. @danielcdawson: EXACTLY. I nearly snapped the new PCI card in half just adjusting the cables to fit. Poor design, totally anti-awesome.

    @Krimsin: Oh, really? Well it hurts, but the exercise is really improving the shape. Much happier about the ass these days. *laugh* Now stop being "cheeky."

  5. I'm not the biggest fan of PATA cables. Before I updated my gaming rig to SATA drives and moved them around, I had to stretch a cable across the inside of the computer to the point where if I touched anything close to that cable, it would come flying off. I'm surprised with all the fans I have running that it didn't just get pulled right off the drive.

  6. Krimsin is my new hero.

    He doesn't afraid of anything.

  7. @Corky: ...DX THE GRAMMAR!!! *excruciating pain*

  8. Blame \b\ for making such a poorly worded meme. Actually, don't. There's no point.

  9. So, the grammar master has himself become the chaos of grammar. What could happen next?

  10. ....

    [gathers jaw from the floor]

    That was the coolest technical rant about computers I've ever heard someone of the female persuasion give. HAH! Oh, and yes, PATA are evil and you've reminded me that I totally need a new computer (still running on only a single IDE 180 GB HDD. I don't know why I haven't replaced it, I guess I'm just too lazy to fix my SATA ports (the controller driver got "baleted" and I can't seem to make it work now). Even funnier because I'm still running on an Athlon 64 3000+ baby! Go 6 year old hardware, go!

    Yeah, tax return is totally going towards a new computer. Thinking at least a $2000 budget, things gonna kick so much ass.

    And, yes, best buy people are stupid. Even some of the geek squad ones aren't terribly more advanced than the average computer user.

    Oh, and I demand case pictures! Sexy case pictures are required.

    And, damn, Krimsin beat me to it. That's what I get for going to birthday parties for the night, miss all these great opportunities.

    As for the're weird. :P

    (But then again, you liking him "don't" surprise me. ;))

  11. Oh shit, you're having a bad month so far. But then again, get a new computer if the letter C wants to disappoint you

  12. @Anon: It IS a new computer. Just an old keyboard. I don't feel like buying a new one, though, so I just fix the contacts with some glue and tinfoil.

  13. @Ian: Weird?! Bah. He makes me laugh like an idiot so it's all good. *chortle* "Bidets are dangerous! I must remember that." XD

    Okie doke. Pics are up. The UV light flickers according to the stereo system I have hooked up to the cable box and the computer. The glowing numbers are the CPU temperature/troubleshooting diode. The "E" symbol pulses like a heartbeat. XD I love this computer!

    Krimsin's a bit of a ninja. He slips in, says his piece, then vanishes back into the shadows. *ghostly noise imitation* WOOooooOOOOOooOOooooOOOOOO~~!

  14. [jaw falls off completely!]

    That is a sexy computer! Damn, now I really need to buy a new computer, I am so jealous now. Hah, I totally have the same blue cold cathode system in my case that flashes to base as well. I love it, and I love how yours is held in with what looks like a glow stick and mine is held in with ductape (who cares since you can't see it through the case window right?).

    Totally loving the 120mm fans and the bottom mounted PSU. Also, what's with the glowsticks? Did you put them in there to react to UV light? Pretty ingenious if that's what you did.

    That's a lot of copper on the graphics card. What kind of card is that? Also, YAY your case has side mounted HDD's and everything has quick releases. So much better than traditional cases. And it's so clean! Loving the green too.

    Gah, this is like porn to me I hope you know. I love sexy computer cases (and now I realize how much I've let mine deteriorate, I'm just too lazy to do stuff to something I'm going to replace in 6 months).



    "ARRR! It's a pirate, he's after my booty!"

  16. @Ian: That song is like crack, I swear... XD You can't have my mangoes, though. It's my DARK HARVEST... +_+

    Yeah, the UV cathode is held with a blue glow stick, and the control is hidden inside the DVD/CD drive mounting area. I also added extra green glow sticks in a double helix since they react to UV light and look cool through the case. There are three 120mm fans on the side, front, and back, as well as mounts for three more (two exhausts on the top and one intake on the bottom, since the case has rubber feet to hold it about an inch above the floor) There's even a mount for a low-profile exhaust fan behind the mobo, which I plan on obtaining as soon as I can find one low enough. Oh, and all the intakes have filters that either came with the case or that I fashioned out of an old zebra-pattern shirt.

    The graphics card is an overclocked XFX Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS, and all that copper you see is the solid copper Zalman heatsink with which I replaced the stock aluminum heatsink. It has a blue LED fan, which is awesome through the green side window. The case actually has plastic wire clips around the mobo that help keep everything looking clean. You don't need a screwdriver for anything. Even the PCI and PCI-E slots mount with plastic clips, and the DVD drive is mounted with plastic and steel pins.

    I love computers. It's no wonder why I spent $750 and many, many hours on Newegg to build this thing.

  17. Wow, that only cost you $750? Very nice, my PC when it was new back in 2004 cost me over $1600.

    Yeah, I miss pouring over reviews of video cards trying to decide which one gave me the most FPS for the money.

  18. By reading your post I do believe I became ten times smarter... my head hurts, If you'll excuse me I'm going to write a quantum theory with my newfound intelligence.

  19. My old box is so badly out of date.
    Still running a Pentium IV @ 3.0ghz, with 2GB of DDR2 RAM... Fail
    However, I do have an nVidia 9600GT which is a nice piece of video card! I also have a 1TB hard drive, and best of all, I have NO PATA cables whatsoever! NONE! I was so happy when I finally ditched my last IDE hard drive.
    I do hope I can claim a tax return and upgrade soon. I wanna do Parker's Mind in higher res!

  20. I'm ashamed to acknowledge that my PC--if you can even call it that-- exists. The only good thing about it is the new monitor, and since I don't have any actual source of income, I'm pretty much fucked.

    Ironically, it plays Half-Life 1 better then my slightly-newer laptop.

  21. @Cyh: Wow!! Absolutely nice pics of Gladys!! And the mangoes FTW. :-)

  22. my pc is fucked beyond repair, it was an entertainment laptop with some intel graphics card, but not bad. Well, until my sister dropped it and later kicked out the screen. So now, it's a desktop.

  23. @Cyh: Well then maybe you should get a new keyboard. That old one sounds like it's a defused bomb or something.

  24. @Anon: Why would I spend fifty bucks that I can't afford on a new keyboard when I can just fix this one with some old chewing gum wrapper and a dab of epoxy? That's just wasteful.

    @Gaara: That's what my old laptop was until I got the new one. I like ASUS much better than Toshiba...

    @Corky: At least you have a computer with an internet connection. You should troll (the fishing kind, not the asshole kind) tech sites like Newegg and Tiger Direct for good deals on nice mobos and video cards and processors. Prices are finally starting to drop for the P55 chipset. A job would really help, though. Even when on sale, it's still almost prohibitively expensive.

    @Psymon: It still gets my goat that you have a better graphics card than I do (theoretically) when my series requires HD rendering. Though, an overclocked 8600GTS isn't that much weaker than a 9600GT...but that Pentium scares me. Wow. That's not even a Core 2 Duo...or a Dual Core! >_< Reminds me of those torturous Celeron days....

    @Ian: Just watch the deals and buy the components when the prices drop like crazy. I'm signed up to get newsletters from Newegg, so I always jump at cheap high-end components when I'm in the market for new stuff.

  25. @Cyh: My processor is just as old (actually older) than his P4. :P

    From here:

    My CPU: AMD Athlon 3000+ 480
    His CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz 491

    And I can still run fraps with the source engine at high resolutions! YEAH!

    (I want an i7!)

  26. @Ian: Ouch. I don't know much about AMD, but that sucks. I'd love to get an LGA1156 i7 Unlocked Edition. W00t! OC to the MAX! And I don't even have to change my mobo!

  27. @Cyh: Nice! :-)

    Most people I know who are looking to upgrade gotta replace the motherboard as well to get an i7 processor.

    I'd love to get my hands on one myself, but unfortunately, I too would need to get my mobo replaced since I'm using a LGA 775 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor.

  28. @CrazedNighthawk: That's a good processor, though, so you probably don't need to upgrade anytime soon. I only got an i5 because I desperately wanted to one-up my brother's BTX monster. Yes, BTX. They don't even make those anymore, yet he managed to build a mini-monster out of a micro-BTX mobo. Wow.

  29. @Cyh: A BTX? Wow! I'd only heard about that in passing. The infamous form factor that never was. They didn't sell those mobos for very long, did they?

    Yea, your right. Andy, a friend of mine has been saying the same thing. Besides, it ain't worth blowing over $200 to $300 on that kind of upgrade, especially since I don't have much money :-(

  30. @CrazedNighthawk: Nope. They never quite caught on. I like the design, though, with the CPU, northbridge, and southbridge all lined up in front of the case's front intake, and a funnel to focus the airflow. I've never seen a fan-cooled mini system run so cold at max CPU rendering load.

    I'd wait at least a year before upgrading. I went from an Athlon 64 x2 to an i5, so I had to do a lot of saving and begging. It was worth it, though, since it was such a massive jump and the graphics card I have still runs like a charm.

  31. Graphics card are really where it's at these days, as indicated with my system. As long as you have enough RAM for the game and a high-end graphics card, you can make most games playable on a really, really crappy CPU (unless it's a really CPU intensive game like Oblivion or X3: Reunion or something).

  32. @Cyh: Thanks for the advice. :-)

    I had to replace my old Foxconn 8600 graphics card a little while back when it failed and ended up getting a EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 1792MB 448-bit DDR3 graphics card. With that and the processor, I should be good for a while.

    A card such as the XFX Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS, even when not overclocking, is really good enough for most games now a days, unless if you wanna try to go for maxed out settings in Crysis. XFX makes very good graphics cards. I would either buy their cards, or EVGA cards.

  33. @Ian: Oh, I know, but I can't stand it unless everything is monstrously overkill. My next move is to get the unlocked i7 and an EVGA GeForce 480 Fermi card, as well as one more 2GB stick of Ripjaws DDR3 2000 RAM.

    Only then will I be satisfied with Word's performance. *evil chuckle* My book renders at 1600p!

    @CrazedNighthawk: XFX and EVGA are the only companies I trust with my graphics, just because I've been with them long enough to know that I can. You've got a card good enough to handle pretty much anything these days. Once I get the Fermi, I plan to use the 8600 as my PhysX card and the Fermi for the graphics, if I can manage to make them both fit, of course.

  34. @Cyh: I know the feeling. The card I got can barely fit in the case. I actually needed help getting it in there. And to think, I considered an SLI setup with this... not with a micro atx board I'm not with this behemoth lol. Well, I could.... but I think the little guy would explode from doing that lol

  35. @Cyh are you a writer? I was wathing meeting minds,and you say sothing about your historys.

    (i'm that guy from Brazil "Adonayshot"...and yes my english still sucks balls)

    i'm asking,because I though I was the only person who writes and play VG.

    (people who play VGs in my country are seen like retardets)

  36. I wouldn't say no to some of them mangoes. They'd be great with some icecream. NOM.
    Yes, I do eat icecream in the middle of winter!

  37. Okay guys, I'll just admit it.

    I made the joke because I have no idea what the rest of the post was about, except that it involved a lot of technical stuff that flew way over my head, a korean guy I've never seen before from a korean drama I've never heard of, and mangoes. Mangoes everywhere.

    And plus I was long overdue for a Firefly reference. Anyway, if you need me I'll be in my bunk.

  38. @insane: Yeah, I write. A lot. Been writing long before I ever started Chell's Mind. Some of it's on my deviantART account, should the mood strike you.

    @Psymon: I'm planning on making MANGO ICE CREAM! Just gotta get some dry ice and sweet cream....

    @Krimsin: I find it endlessly amusing that the only things in that enormous post to which you could relate were comments on my ass. ENDLESSLY amusing. I'm laughing as I type this.

  39. I'm gonna have to honest with you...

    I'm pretty much in the same position as Robin here.

    To much technical jargon, so by default my brain scans the text to locate something that is within my intellectual interpretation skills.

    I'm sorry.

  40. @Cyh: Not true.

    I also like mangoes.

  41. @Corky: By the time you're done upgrading that computer, you'll know about as much as I do. Fear not.

    @Krimsin: How 'bout mango ice cream? It's yummy! I'm making some tomorrow, since about half the harvest has decided to ripen all at once, and that's the only way I know to preserve them in non-jam form.

  42. @Corky64: Yea, Cyh is absolutely right. When I first built JohnBoy 1.0 (my first configuration of my gaming computer, now up to 4.0), I had never done it before and had little idea on how to do it. Now I'm a lot more comfortable doing it and even do some computer rebuilding as part of my job.

    @Cyh and Krimsin: I really wanna try mango ice cream. You guys have got me curious about it. :-)

  43. There's a Japanese restaurant in my town that serves Deep-fried mango ice cream.

    I have it every time I go there :D

  44. @Krimsin: *spastic fit*

    I WANT!!! XD Now I gotta see if Miyako's can make me some... +_+


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