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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nerd Rising

 5:15AM EST

I am going to be SO sad when I finish rewatching the entirety of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sou da.  Jidai ga owateiru.  Kanashikute, kanashikute shou ga naindarou?

It's funny.  Last time, I rooted for the Pharaoh, but this time around it's all about Kaiba.  That guy's ego is a fantastic thing.  Also, his Japanese voice is so cool.  The Pharaoh just shouts a lot...Dan Green is cooler.

By the way, the season four opening song in the Japanese episodes is stuck in my head.  It rocks so hard.

In other news, there is no other news.  It was just taking way too long scrolling through the comments in the last blog entry.  I got tired of grinding the wheel, and my childish love of old-school anime seemed like a good enough reason to say a few words.

Oh, but here's something fun:

That's Tom, my goldfish.  He's about 7 inches long, 6 years old, and really cute.  He's constantly trying to make the other two fish play with him, but he gets shunned every time.  SHUNNED!  Once, he was bumping the Bala Shark with his nose and trying to start a game of chase or something, but then the Bala Shark got mad and tried to bite Tom.  Tom freaked out and hid in the bamboo leaves.  He was back at it again after a few seconds, though.  (Goldfish have terrible memory.)  Anyway, I usually end up poking at the glass, leading him around for a bit and making "bloop-bloop" faces at him for fun when the other fish don't want to play.  He's always happy, somehow.  I think it's because he knows that goldfish are immortal.  All the other fish will die, but the goldfish will remain.  They're like Highlanders.

That's right.  Goldfish are Highlanders.

That's enough outta me.
=_= ~*(cyh)*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Life of Cyh

 ***The following is a typical day of my life, with no job market, no school, and rampant insomnia.***

4PM: WAKEY TIME! (Teeth, clothes, hair brushing, obtaining mocha, etc...)

4:30PM: DRIVING TIME!  (I love Betty.  She takes such good care of me.)



6PM: RETURN HOME!  Search commences for foodstuffs.  It is a lengthy ritual which involves much opening and closing of refrigerators, freezers, and pantries.  Usually results in giving up and waiting for Mom to cook some traditional Philippino dish which apparently the rest of the world finds strange but with which I have grown up my entire life and thus enjoy with a passion.  Sinigang and chicken adobo are king.

6:30PM: Watch news, check for hurricanes, become despondent that there are no hurricanes, help out in kitchen, watch little brother Sasquatch the Leprechaun play Runescape and marvel at penguins in sheep's clothing....


8:30PM: TV/INTERNET TIME! (Favorite channels include, but are not limited to: The Science Channel, Discovery, HD Theater, NatGeo, Nat Geo Wild, The History Channel, Food Network, BBC America, and The Travel Channel.)

9:30PM: GYM TIME~!  (TV is also watched here.  Exclusively Discovery Channel.  Shark Week is the shiz.)

11PM: GO HOME TIME!  Shower, brush teeth, deal with uncooperative long hair, change into pajamas, etc...

12AM: TV/INTERNET/ANIME TIME!!! (Episode 6 of Kuroshitsuji II is....gah!  Sebastian!  *huggles*)

3AM: SNACK TIME! (May occur throughout the day/night, especially since my metabolism's been going nuts recently...frosted flakes are a favorite.)

6AM: BEDTIME!! (This is actually tied to sunrise, therefore time may vary.)

So, as you can see, things like that latest video occur for very good reasons.  Also, it's past my bedtime.

Good morning.
=_= ~*(cyh)*