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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Life of Cyh

 ***The following is a typical day of my life, with no job market, no school, and rampant insomnia.***

4PM: WAKEY TIME! (Teeth, clothes, hair brushing, obtaining mocha, etc...)

4:30PM: DRIVING TIME!  (I love Betty.  She takes such good care of me.)



6PM: RETURN HOME!  Search commences for foodstuffs.  It is a lengthy ritual which involves much opening and closing of refrigerators, freezers, and pantries.  Usually results in giving up and waiting for Mom to cook some traditional Philippino dish which apparently the rest of the world finds strange but with which I have grown up my entire life and thus enjoy with a passion.  Sinigang and chicken adobo are king.

6:30PM: Watch news, check for hurricanes, become despondent that there are no hurricanes, help out in kitchen, watch little brother Sasquatch the Leprechaun play Runescape and marvel at penguins in sheep's clothing....


8:30PM: TV/INTERNET TIME! (Favorite channels include, but are not limited to: The Science Channel, Discovery, HD Theater, NatGeo, Nat Geo Wild, The History Channel, Food Network, BBC America, and The Travel Channel.)

9:30PM: GYM TIME~!  (TV is also watched here.  Exclusively Discovery Channel.  Shark Week is the shiz.)

11PM: GO HOME TIME!  Shower, brush teeth, deal with uncooperative long hair, change into pajamas, etc...

12AM: TV/INTERNET/ANIME TIME!!! (Episode 6 of Kuroshitsuji II is....gah!  Sebastian!  *huggles*)

3AM: SNACK TIME! (May occur throughout the day/night, especially since my metabolism's been going nuts recently...frosted flakes are a favorite.)

6AM: BEDTIME!! (This is actually tied to sunrise, therefore time may vary.)

So, as you can see, things like that latest video occur for very good reasons.  Also, it's past my bedtime.

Good morning.
=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. So you're nocturnal then.

    What's this about being raised on Filipino foods? If you're Filipino and everyone knew but me I must have missed some really important memo somewhere. Is your mom Filipino?

    Maybe your brain has a virus called Insomnia.exe, have you run a brain scan lately? :V

    (Also I live in Hawaii, we have lots of Filipino's here :P)

  2. Well, now i hate you, never gives us Chells mind.
    but, that drink in the video looks yummy...i forgive you, if i have that drink, okay?

  3. I have a question, have you ever seen the anime "Elfen Lied" I highly recommend it, but I warn you, it's pretty weird.

  4. @Kavukamari: Yeah, I'm half Filipina (mom) and half Norwegian/French/Swedish (dad). Mom cooks like a professional chef, so I get all the awesome food.

    @Jens: No Dew for you!

    @Gaara: Yeah, I've seen it a few times, actually. They used to play it on Adult Swim, and my anime club usually had a day for the classics. Awesome series. Cute will never be the same--kinda like Higurashi, but with more science.

  5. My schedule isn't very similar, except for the sleep and waking up times.

    It's weird, I almost always feel more rested when I sleep in the daytime. That silly ball of fire our planet orbits is just bringing me down >:C

  6. @Cyh: I suppose this explains your posting times. I've never seen you post anything around 9am before. Almost always in the later evening or the deep early morning hours of the day.

    Being someone who is finishing up college myself soon, for the last few weeks, I've seen and been up for every single hour and I think it's playing with my brain..... and not in the good way


  8. @Krimsin: I'm the same. I can't be out in the sun unless I'm wearing blackout Jackie Kennedy sunglasses. Otherwise I get sleepy. Of course, I live really far south, so the sun is hotter and brighter here. I'd kill for 30 days of darkness during winter. Maybe I'll move to an inverted snowbird.

    @CrazedNighthawk: I've lived this way for a long time. I think my pineal gland is broken. Helped during exam week, though--much more midnight studying.

    @StreetKid: Although you were obliterated, I will rescind my decision on the grounds that you are the only one so far who agrees with me on the awesomeness of Shark Week. Shark Bites this year with Craig Ferguson was FANTASTIC.

    @Ryan R: I CAN'T!!! I NEEEED IT!

  9. @cyh i read your answers on other ppl, sry, but, i read that your a part of sweden, and as a almost fullpart of sweden, i can teach you swedish.

    sry for i wanna teach you swedish, the clock is 13:49 when i writting this, my english is bad, i just wake up, and i wanna hugg a tree, and wanna learn someone swedish.... Hare så gött där du fan nu bor...

  10. @Cyh: I think mine might be misfiring myself. Seems like I can't go out in the day anymore without getting blinded for a few moments lol.

    Careful with the Dew. I've learned that this stuff can turn on you quickly....especially when mixed with dry ice.

    Man, I can't wait till school is over.

  11. Really? No one else likes Shark week?! Heretics! lol.

  12. realy cyh you don't like sun?

    Okay come here to Curitiba (town where I live) just here in Brazil! here we have cold and more cold!,and many clouds...and depression!

    And here is the only city that you can have all the climates of the year in one DAY (or season climates...whatever)

    yeah curitiba is....horrible..I shoud be European..or a Pirate

  13. @Jens: Swedish and Norwegian. I'll probably learn one day, but my current focus is on Japanese and Korean.

    @StreetKid: Shark Week should be a required right of passage for all people. Unless they watch, they can't get a drivers license or eat ice cream.

    @insane: That's like combining England and Florida. Wacky weather patterns....Yarrgh.

  14. @Cyh: I haven't been able to watch Shark week so far. School has eaten away my life (at least for the last week). :-(

    Is it going on now? Don't watch too much TV lately.

  15. @CrazedNighthawk: I'm pretty sure they're doing an encore starting today, actually.

  16. @Cyh: My brother learns Japanese back when he was a university student. I don't know if he still remembers much about the Japanese language.

    Anyway, I got something to ask. Is it hard for you to learn Japanese when you first started learning about it?

  17. @Rallinale: Not really. I just listened to the words and paid attention to the subtitles, slowly making inferences as to which phrases meant what, which articles were used, who used that style of speech, etc... I had already lived in Japan for 4 years before, so I was plenty familiar with how the language sounded, as well as some words and phrases I learned in Culture class with Mrs. Tanaka.

    It also helps that I liked the stories and characters. That definitely made spending four hours a night learning Japanese totally worthwhile.

  18. @Chy you see Chy, the Dew contains ALOT of caffeine (addictive) and sugar, this leads to you becoming nocturnal. YOU MUST PUT DOWN THE DEW

  19. @Ryan R: It's "CYH", not "CHY". Cripes.

    And I really don't drink enough Dew to make me nocturnal. A can or two a day max. I'm nocturnal because that's how my circadian rhythm is during the summer. Like hell I'm putting down the Dew.

  20. @cyh i will learn you swedish, even you not wan't to do it, you WILL do a chells mind i any langueges (spelling?) then english ok?...and i gonna make you do it in swedish, ok? YOU WILL DO IT!!!! DOOOOOO IT!!!!

  21. @Cyh: One thing I've learned (mostly from observing myself and family) is that the human body can adjust itself to any type of sleep pattern. Whether it is from 10pm to 6am, 6am to 4pm, or from 5am to 1pm, it can maintain it as long as it is kept steady. It is probably one of the main reasons (along with certain glands) as to why you sleep at the times the way you do. I imagine you might be able to sleep in a normal time table, but it would be very difficult for you at first and I imagine you would have plenty of cranky days. That I experienced back when I first went into college four years ago. :-(

    .....and the Dew could be responsible. Don't know how the dry ice could affect you. lol just kidding. It ain't the dew if you are only doing two cans a day. If you were doing two cases a day, that would be different lol

  22. @Jens: Good luck.

    @CrazedNighthawk: I just flipped my sleep schedule because I hate heat and humidity and bright light, that's all. Nothing mysterious about that.

  23. mmm, frosted flakes. You sure know how to live. I envy your lifestyle in many ways. :)

  24. @Ian: Frosted Flakes are the shizz! I'm only living like this because I can't find a job, though. If I had a job, I'd have more money to do more interesting things.

  25. @Cyh: Being a firm hater of heat and the wearer of short and tee-shirts in 35 degree Fahrenheit weather, I can understand your logic in sleeping during the day.

  26. @Cyh: We can share mine, and alternate on Mondays. Damn, we'd probably have to split the pay then too, and there's no way I'm taking a 50% pay cut.

    Hmmm, have you considered finding a night job? They're usually easier to find and pay really well. Hell, if you got a job as night time security you could still do most of the stuff you normally do at night; read, watch TV, put dry ice into Mountain Dew, etc. :P

    Besides, money is evil. Though, you could just find some super-rich nerd, marry him, then kill him off and make it look like he died on a 72 hour WoW binge, nobody will suspect a thing.

  27. Like skydiving while peeling apples in a Superman outfit during an ion storm in the middle of March? :D

  28. @Ian: How 'bout compensation for that awesome book you've been reading then? *smirk*

    I'd love a night job, but every time I look for one, it's either for fast food, a creepy gas station, or a sketchy place in general. Hard to find a good night job around here... ~_~;

    And money isn't evil; people are evil. If a dollar were a chicken, would the chicken be evil?

    @Corky: Recipe for DISASTER. XD

  29. You are such an amazing person! I wish I could live your life for a week...


  30. @ cyh

    people are evil....we are all evil...we need evil but we are not capable to control it...we crate the the evil people...create the money.

    we create something for our evil...people don't understand that...we are the infection of this world...people create tools for they evil...socialism,captalism,religions,money!......we create those tools to dominate ourselves...and this innocent planet...

    we must pay for

  31. @reameess: It took a long time to get to where I am...22 years, about. *smirk* My life is only interesting because I don't let it get boring. When I'm bored, I find ways to have fun. Simple, really.

    @insane: That doesn't change the fact that I still want to win the lottery. I have a book to publish, dammit!

  32. @Cyh: Try industrial places, or warehouses and supermarkets. They all need night workers stocking shelves, running forklift trucks, watching over machines to make sure they don't explode in the middle of the night, heck even sweeping up in the middle of the night and buffing floors wouldn't be that bad of a job. And they all usually play like $12 an hour because only us crazies actually like working those hours :P

    Huh, compensation? Actually, that's not a bad idea. You totally deserve it and I never got you a birthday present anyway. Hit me up your paypal and I'll send you $20 for the awesome story (consider it me contributing to the "feed Cyh so she can spend more time making Chell's Mind and Avenari" fund).

    Heheh, now I can claim to be your number 1 fan and that I've bought all your books. :P

    (Actually, I wonder if I should save your DA work...when it becomes published I'm sure you'll have to pull it from DA and it would be a good collectors item :))

  33. Oh, and you're right, people are evil, money is just paper that we believe has value so it brings out our evil tendencies.

    I suppose money can be good as well... I'm just really having trouble thinking of anything that is good about it....

  34. @cyh

    me too...but for now i want a job...and ink for my steampunk character.

  35. @IAN

    well actuly money is like a can be evil or good...but man...we are using the wrong way.....

  36. I'm with Ian. I would donate in a heartbeat.

    Totally worth it in every way.

  37. @Ian and Corky64: Agree with you both, but I thought I remember Cyh talking about this and feeling a little weird about it. Correct me Cyh if I'm wrong.

  38. @CrazedNighthawk: If it's for my book, I don't have a problem with it. I intend to publish it anyway, and hopefully make some money since I've already put eight years of work into it.

    I just feel iffy about donations for Chell's Mind, since Portal isn't my intellectual property and all.

  39. @Ian: Yeah, you should probably save it all while you can in its original form. I'm sure an editor is going to change some things down the line. *laugh* I suppose you are my number one fan now. W00t!

    I wish there were places where I could work overnight, but in the land of old people most places close by 9pm, and the only warehouses and such are in the parts of town where people get shot all the time. Either that or they're too far away to make it worth the gas. ~_~ I wanna move to Michigan again...

    @Corky: And it's totally up to you. You have my email, should the inclination strike.

    Oh, and the new chapter is up. Check out Ian's spaz attack in the comments! In, like, five different languages. Priceless.

  40. @Cyh: Yay for being #1! :)

    Well, that sucks, hopefully you'll find a good job, just don't get shot. I'd hate to have to come down there and go on a murderous rampage to get revenge on your killer. Cleaning blood out of a t-shirt just isn't fun. Michigan sounds like a nice place.

    Hahahah, I did have quite the spaz attack. Reading it again I think I should switch to decaf. ;)

  41. @Cyh: Makes sense. I'd imagine getting a book published ain't free or at least not that easy.

    I actually just started reading Avenari recently. I'm only on Chapter 1 after just finishing the prologue. I don't have a big picture of the whole story, but it sounds like its gonna be good. :-)

  42. If I donate 30 bucks (It'll probably end up being like, 28 due to the weak Canadian dollar), then I'LL be the number 1 fan!

    Must not let Ian take the glory...

  43. @Corky: W00t! You'll be my Number 1 Number 1 fan!

    (Please don't fight! ^_^;)

  44. @cyh

    you can do one thing.Here in my contry there is a blog...a realy funny blog,and the owner of the blog is a poor guy (not that poor) and then the fans of the blog started to make a campaing to donate things and money for him,in one day he became a rich one day.

    and evryting startes when he posts something like "man I need money"

    try it!

  45. @insane: Nah, I don't want people giving me money just because I have no money. That's too much like those idiots demanding more money from my government on Wallstreet--not to mention those "99ers" or whatever who have been on unemployment for more than two years already. No one is to big to fail, especially not douchetards. I'm tired of people shoving all their financial issues onto my generation and my generation's future children.

    I'd prefer people paying me for my writing. At least then I've earned it. Freebies are for people who just need a little help to get back on their feet, not for people who expect the world to support their laziness.

  46. @Cyh: I totally agree, people who live off of handouts disgust me. If you need it, great, if you don't need it but take it anyway then you're despicable.

    Oh, and don't worry, Borky and I won't fight too much...(at least it wont be much before I beat him :P)

    @Corky: Don't got to war with me, I have $300 sitting around waiting for me to spend it on something, I will win. :P

  47. @IAN Oh it's a bitch apocalypse now, bitch! I can always sell some crap should it come to that. Don't bother and just go and chase some butterflies or something.

    Cyh, you may end up very rich at the end of this...

  48. @Corky: *feigned panic* Oh, no--please, don't make me rich. That would be terrible.

    I'll just keep uploading chapters quietly in the corner. You won't even know I'm here...until the end of the book, that is. I expect the world to explode or something to that effect.

    *snrk!* Butterflies...

  49. @Cyh: I believe "Borky" is Curtis's evil twin. I have no evidence to back this up, but that is my theory.

    @Ian and Corky64: Let the games begin!

  50. @Cyh: You will not sit there quietly, you must vocally announce who is the #1 fan or we wont stop sending you money. :P

    lol, butterflies. I went searching for suitable fields in which to frolic...found a few, now I just need to drag my camera out there. XD ;)

    @Borky: Don't mess with me! If I started eating ramen noodles every day and didn't play any paintball I could send her like $400 a month. I shall win this pointless contest!!! :P XD :D

  51. Status:

    So far Ian is leading the pack. Can "Borky" catch up to him? Only time will tell.....

  52. Hahahah (though actually I think Corky is winning, he donated like $3 more than me).

  53. @Ian: You're both awesome in my book. You're the first guys to ever read it. The rest have been girls. It's interesting to see that it appeals to both groups, which is knowledge more valuable than any sum of money. ^_^

  54. @Cyh: It's definitely something that I would say appeals to both genders. Probably more girls than guys but I'd say many, many guys would enjoy it as well.

    Also, I thought you would like this:

  55. @Ian: That is SO AWESOME! XD

  56. By the way, there is a new trailer for Portal 2. Just thought you might like to know. It's short, but shows some of the co-op.

  57. Oh, what's this? There has been a Wheatley update... they changed his voice actor... huh...

  58. And something tells me that you might like this:

  59. Oh, and look! Even more new videos on things like repulsion gel! Trust me, it's hilarious!

  60. @Nobody: =_= I have to go back to college now.


    Wheatley's new voice is still really good.

  61. Adobo and Sinigang? Thats also My favorite! :D

    But I LOVE Sinigang better.

    So you're half Filipina? Im pure Filipina. =P


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