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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nerd Rising

 5:15AM EST

I am going to be SO sad when I finish rewatching the entirety of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sou da.  Jidai ga owateiru.  Kanashikute, kanashikute shou ga naindarou?

It's funny.  Last time, I rooted for the Pharaoh, but this time around it's all about Kaiba.  That guy's ego is a fantastic thing.  Also, his Japanese voice is so cool.  The Pharaoh just shouts a lot...Dan Green is cooler.

By the way, the season four opening song in the Japanese episodes is stuck in my head.  It rocks so hard.

In other news, there is no other news.  It was just taking way too long scrolling through the comments in the last blog entry.  I got tired of grinding the wheel, and my childish love of old-school anime seemed like a good enough reason to say a few words.

Oh, but here's something fun:

That's Tom, my goldfish.  He's about 7 inches long, 6 years old, and really cute.  He's constantly trying to make the other two fish play with him, but he gets shunned every time.  SHUNNED!  Once, he was bumping the Bala Shark with his nose and trying to start a game of chase or something, but then the Bala Shark got mad and tried to bite Tom.  Tom freaked out and hid in the bamboo leaves.  He was back at it again after a few seconds, though.  (Goldfish have terrible memory.)  Anyway, I usually end up poking at the glass, leading him around for a bit and making "bloop-bloop" faces at him for fun when the other fish don't want to play.  He's always happy, somehow.  I think it's because he knows that goldfish are immortal.  All the other fish will die, but the goldfish will remain.  They're like Highlanders.

That's right.  Goldfish are Highlanders.

That's enough outta me.
=_= ~*(cyh)*


  1. That was... interesting? XD I love goldfish :3 and not to be rude (Hannibal Lecter scares me D:)when is the next Chell's Mind?

  2. Goldfish are Highlanders? That has to rate as one of the most brilliant things I've heard. Ever. You, dear, WIN. Most epically.

  3. @Roland7749: *sigh* You should know better than to ask me that at this point.

    I delay release a day for every person who asks. It'll be uploaded--I just won't release it.

  4. @Cyh: Well, you'll just have to start watching a different anime then. Do I remember rightly that you said you hadn't seen the new full-metal alchemist? You'd like it.

    Heh, I really need to get another fish, they're so cute. Tom seems like a really nice goldfish, I hope he really is immortal.

    Oh, and when are you going to release....:P next book chapter? XD Just kidding, I must say though, I'm starting to have withdrawals and have begun re-reading Avenari.

    @Alcia: How do you pronounce your name?

  5. I think LittleKurriboh beats all the Yu-Gi-Oh voice actors hands down! xD
    I didn't like Yu-Gi-Oh, but YGOTAS changed that.

  6. gold fish are immortal i had 3 that liverd for 10 years i got them when i was 2 and they did'nt die we let them go in lake 3 years later i caught a 15 inch gold fish it was Bruce

  7. Hey Cyh, did you know that Valve have officially confirm a release date for Portal 2 on February 11, 2011? So, we have to wait for 5 1/2 months for Portal 2.

    The game will be so awesome!

  8. @Psymon

    I'm kaiba, I sound like brock from Pokemon, Screw the rules I'm in love with nurse joy


  9. Why can't Beta fish be the Highlanders? They will literally fight to the death, never stopping until the other tires out and dies. Badass fish with badass colorful fins.

  10. @Ian: Actually, that's a good idea. I'll stick that on the playlist next. As for the next chapter, I'll try for either tomorrow...tonight, I mean...or Friday. Remind me, would you? And if you get a goldfish, just don't let the kitties eat him...and talk to him--Goldfish like that. ^_^ Whenever I get to build my own house, I'm making a massive koi pond in the front yard with bridges and whatnot. XD I LOVE ALL GOLDFISH AND THEIR BRETHREN! I want them to be HUGE, so I can pet them when they come up to eat.

    @Psymon: AGREED! (But I think Japanese Kaiba trumps all...ah, what a wonderfully arrogant, evil voice...)

    @Anon: Exactly.

    @Rallinale: Yeah, I've heard, but I don't believe them. My heart has been broken too many times...

    @Elite Hunter 02: Because every beta fish I've ever owned has died. No reason. Not sick. Just died. On the other hand, I once had a goldfish get stuck in a plastic log. He was wedged in so tight that I had to take him out of the water for about five minutes and cut him out with sheet metal shears. He lost most of his scales, he was bleeding, and I'm pretty sure he was thoroughly traumatized. However, he survived. He was alive and happy the entire time I owned him--we sold the tank before we moved, so I don't know what happened with his next family. He still had the battle scars, though. Some scales stayed white, and never turned gold.

  11. "I am Tom, born four hundred years ago in the waters off of Scotland. I am Immortal and I am not alone. For centuries we have waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one"

  12. Here Cyh, I found another funny face you must add to your repertoire of weird emoticons that nobody else uses :P


  13. Just (roughly) translated your Japanese. Woohoo, give me a dictionary and I think I could almost get by. Anyway, don't be sad; futatabi sore o miru koto ga dekimasu.

  14. @Cyh: The situation is a complete switch for me. I got my mom a beta fish, and it's been going strong for a few months now (I realize it's not that long, but she's happy about it). She got a goldfish about three weeks ago, and it died two weeks later.

  15. @CrazedNighthawk: That's EXACTLY where Tom came from. He told me himself.

    @Ian: Wait, how do I make that? I've been wanting to, but I don't know how...*laugh*
    Omoshiroi. Anta no Nihongo wa warukunai.

    @Elite Hunter 02: Must have been a weak store-bought goldfish. You need one that came from a carnival. Those are the immortals.

  16. It's kind of a pain to make that symbol. In the character map it's under unicode: U+0CA0

    It's unicode so the normal alt+#### wont work. In word or wordpad if you type 0CA0 and then press alt+X you can create it. It's called the KANNADA LETTER TTHA.

    Arigatogozaimasu. Watashi wa yorokonde anata wa watashi no omoshiroi to omoimasu.

    (I really wish it didn't take the combined forces of many different webpages, an English to Japanese online dictionary, google translate, and half an hour to translate all that. Gah! Japanese is hard but I love it so much.)

    P.S. Is "anta" the informal version of "anata" and should I have used "anta"? I was reading online that it's used for significant others *dawwww* but someone else commented that it CAN be used for that but it's more just a cute form of "anata".

  17. @Ian: o_=; I think I'll just stick with the standard ones, then...or Word's symbol menu with copy and paste. Making a symbol shouldn't take so may steps--I can draw it faster than that!

    *chuckle* Japanese likes to give people a hard time, but it's definitely worth learning. It's so different from most other languages, so it's a lot more interesting than, say, Spanish or German.

    Yeah, "anta" is the informal of "anata". Both are used to refer to pretty much anybody. However, yes, "anata" (only, I think--I can't recall any instances where the informal was used) is equivalent to the English "dear" or "honey". From what I can gather, it's used like a pet name for a husband. (For a wife I'm pretty sure it's "omae", though that one is also considered super-informal in all other situations.)

    With me, you can use either form--you could even use "omae", since I like the super-informal forms best and won't get offended. The whole language depends on how formally you want to talk, and how familiar you are with the person to whom you are talking.

  18. (\_/)
    ( 0 )
    υ υ

    is the white rabbit always in the hat?

  19. cyh i have a question, is the capital L in your first battle cry a reference to the number one detective l lawliet. i ask because you said you like anime and that is the font that L uses. please respond


  20. @Anon: No, it's just a fancy letter L. If you would direct your attention to the second battle cry, you'll see a fancy letter S.

    Neither have any meaning, other than the fact that the creators of the Battle Cry Generator liked old fonts.

  21. The goldfish shall rise again. You hear me! THEY SHALL HAVE THEIR DAY!!!


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