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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It FINALLY happened.

Watch this: Freeman's(-ish) Mind 2 - Episode 1

Seriously.  Right?  I mean, how does this even happen?  How did the cosmos conspire to bring forth such fortune?!  I ask thee, gentle internet, where the hell has this guy been hiding?!

So.  Freeman's(-ish) Mind 2.  Loved the intelligent humor, the references to stuff other than video games (HORUS FTW!!), and the unusually good and Ross Scott-reminiscent voice.  Granted, the audio and video quality could be better, and I suspect the video was rendered with letterbox bars rather than the native resolution, but that's all technical stuff that can be fixed easily with some reading and tweaking.  What matters is the substance, and this has least to me.  Check it out, you fools!  If you haven't clicked on that link already, you're crazier than I am!

In other news, my cold is mending at last.  Universal was awesome, though sleeping in a heavily air-conditioned hotel room with a sinus cold is  Instead, I sat outside in a stairway at 3 or 4am and sent a long text message to a certain precious someone.  Then I actually went to sleep because I was sick, heavily medicated, and very tired.  I'm sure that text made absolutely no sense.

By the way, butterbeer tastes like fizzy butterscotch, as suspected.

Now I can actually get some stuff done.  Got a couple of side projects, I need the elevator's voice back (which means Ian needs to get cracking on Harrison's Mind....AFTER Castle is done!), and then I'll get started on the next episode.

...Oh, and why is it that whenever someone just takes a long time to release the next episode, people start assuming that the series is over?  Did I make any such announcement?  No.  Have I totally trashed GLaDOS yet?  NAY!

Ergo, I'm not done.  Just quit bugging me and I'll get it done.  Crimeny.

The End.
=_= ~*(cyh)*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ugh, My Face...

8:01PM EST

So I have a cold.  I'm pretty sure my mom gave it to me.  My sinuses are all stuffed up and when I talk I sound funny.  Also I'm really tired.  ~_~;  Blarg, honk.  Blargy honk-honk.

I'm gonna pass out....

In other news, despite my illness--like a true masochist--I'm going to Universal for a couple of days.  I'm leaving tomorrow, and my best friend's brother is paying for everything--w00t!  This should be fun.  I've never been to a theme park in the US before.  Downtown Disney doesn't count--no rides.

Okay...time to lie down.  x_x;

=_= ~*(cyh)*