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Monday, January 3, 2011


I just checked my email for the first time after avoiding it for about a week and found almost 100 messages from YouTube.

That's not the least bit surprising, though.  (I expect YouTube to accost me with messages pretty much constantly.)  What's surprising--shocking, actually--is that not one of them were rude, obnoxious, mean, or condescending...

I love you guys.  Expect a new episode soon.  ^_^

I do have a trip at the end of January, so if you're super nice and keep this up, you might have some special extras coming, including a new episode...but only if you keep being awesome.

Though, I am sorely tempted to release the new episode exactly one year from the last one...but that's too close to the MCAT and I can't get distracted.  ~_~;  (Contemplates giving the toaster a bath...)  It's bad enough that I now have Civilization V to suck all the time and life out of me.  *facepalm*  Multiplayer is so epic!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmasolstannukwanzaakah and Happy New Year to everyone.  (There...pretty sure I've got everything covered with that one.)  Thanks for all the nice PMs and comments.

=_= ~*(cyh)*

EDIT:  Oh, and CooL stopped by over the break.  Here's the proof...Ian is feeling rather left-out on webcam.  XD  (We just got back from the Orlando.  Yeah.  Crazy hair and feeling gross.  Yay!)

(Here's a better one of Ian.  No idea what I'm doing down in the corner there...taking a picture, apparently.  XP  See the gleam??  That winning smile?!  XD  Yeah, this was loads of fun.)


  1. SCREEN POINTING! Naughty naughty! :P

  2. Jeez i thought you were dead! (not really though)

    good to see you're still thinking of the chell's mind fans :P I hopw you had a good holiday!

    -goes back to playing monster hunter tri-

  3. I literally burst out into laughing upon seeing that picture of Ian! He looks like he's stuck in a picture frame giving a stupid looking smile! It's hilarious!

    It actually feels so weird to see you UPDATING stuff...

  4. Lol@Ian in the background. I don't even know what I'm doing, but I do know that that picture makes my arm look incredibly small. I wish we got more pictures, especially the one of Barack Obama Blvd >_>

  5. Hooray!!! There's hope left in the world. It's small and fragile but, perhaps, they will continue to be nice enough for the next few weeks. If not I will hunt verbally abuse them and send each and every one of my fans after them. (I know, that's about as useful as a squirt-gun in a zombie apocalypse).

    Heh, I'm sorry that I got you addicted to Civ V. I know, the last thing you needed was something else to distract yourself with.

    XD That picture is so hilarious, I forgot that I was making funny faces when you were taking those pictures. Wow, and you actually managed to take a fairly decent picture of me. =_= I don't have a "winning smile" or anything, though. Oh well, good times.

  6. @Psymon: Naughty indeed. XD

    @Kavukamari: Oh, I'm still alive. I just have a terrible habit of running away from the internet for weeks at a time.

    @Curtis: I wanted to make it look as though he's trapped in the computer. I think it worked. *smirk* And yeah, it feels weird doing the updating, that's for sure.

    @Jared: I believe you described that look as your "gangsta face" if I remember correctly. XD As for pictures, we'll have more time to take plenty in March. Goodness, I'm mad that I forgot my camera, though. ~_~#

    @Ian: You're not sorry, but that's okay. *chuckle* I love CivII, and CivV is even better! Yeah, hopefully people won't revert to being idiots anytime soon. Aww, but you have such a happy smile in that picture! I liked it, at least. No whining! It's winning enough to be called winning and that's that.

  7. And I've just renewed my EVE Online account, so don't be surprised if I drop off the radar >_>

  8. @cyanide more time in march?

  9. The anonymous poster's e-telegram:

    1: Hooray! There is hope left for the series to go on!. Stop.

    2: Best of luck on the MCAT Exams. Stop.


    Picture 1: Points of interest:
    - Ian seemingly stuck on the internet with a seemingly deformed face. Stop.

    - CooL's green shirt with the "Freeman's(ish) Mind" Logo on it. Stop.

    - You (Cyh) Haha!. Stop.

    4: New Nursery rhyme turns homicidal:

    Hush little baby, don't say a word,
    Mama's gonna kill that mockingbird.
    And if that mockingbird still sings,
    Momma's gonna hit it with a leather sling.
    And if that bird is still alive,
    Momma's gonna cut it with a butcher's knife.


    All the best,
    Anonymous poster.

    End e-Telegram.

  10. Cyh, come to Toronto. Man its boring here, with only Apostle to talk to

  11. CooL did you make that shirt your wearing?! can we buy them? Also glad you got not-so-annoying comments Cyh :)

  12. Yeah, I made it, and if you want the shirt, I can send you it (not for free of course), if you really want it, my email is, I dunno why you would want this though xD


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