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Monday, July 11, 2011

MCAT? Check.

Okie dokey loki, so that thing that I've been studying for over the past year or so, that thing which has distracted me from doing anything else consistently, is finally over.  I've taken the MCAT.

Imagine the final exam for your worst class.  Now, imagine a final exam encompassing all your worst classes throughout your school career.  Imagine that you have only 70 minutes to answer 52 questions about chemistry and physics combined.  Imagine that same scenario for biology and organic chemistry.  Then, imagine having to read seven bizarrely incongruous passages and answer equally incoherent questions about them, where speculation and attentiveness are your only tools.  THEN, imagine having to write TWO ESSAYS, each in only 30 minutes.

Now imagine that all of ONE TEST.

Yeah, that's what the MCAT is.  I showed my brother my notes, and he was all "I'll quiz you!"  After staring for about a minute at the page in perplexed horror, he threw the notebook down and walked away, muttering, "I can't do this."  He's a technical genius, and MY notes were utter gibberish to him.  He couldn't even pronounce "sarcoplasmic reticulum" or "acetylcholine" or "human chorionic gonadotropin" or 75% of the other vocabulary I had been forced to memorize.  Heck, even Firefox doesn't acknowledge those as real words!

*ahem*  But yes.  It's done.  I'm not allowed to tell you anything about what was on that test, on pain of death, apparently.

Anyway, this means I'm going to play lots of Pokemon Black, watch tons of anime, enjoy my upcoming birthday, and then, finally, make an episode for all of you.  I will first distribute it to people in my deviantART fan-group, followed by this blog, and then once I'm satisfied, I'll make it public.  I feel like being evil, for evil has been done to me...and besides, all those people who constantly demand more are seriously grating on me now that I'm all psychotic and freaked out by that test.

I was like a near-death, I walked out feeling as though I should do something to atone for spending eight hours a day studying for that stupid thing.  I've never felt so drained and nervous and manic as I did that dreadful Wednesday.  I've never known such horror.

I may need a therapist once I'm done with all this medical business, because I'm sure I'll be completely bonkers by the end of it.

Wondering whether to level up my Archen or my Herdier first, and whether I should go beat up on some more Audino on Route 7, your truly insane friend,

P.S. Uh....just to clarify, Audino is a Chansey-ish Pokemon which just so happens to dish out some INSANE experience when you fight it in the wild.  It shows up almost immediately, and is pretty darn easy to beat up until it learns Secret Power and Attract.  (I HATE THOSE MOVES...I HATE...I just hate...I am filled with hate, tomato, basil, and baguettes.)  As such, I've taken to walking back and forth in the same spot for many hours, just waiting for the shaky grass....