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Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh, yeah...

Remember that post I put up in Japanese? Well, here's the translation. About four years late. >_>;

Only half of it applies. Also, I miss Gintama something fierce.

 Translation of "Debilibus Somnus Est" follows:

"Why are you using Latin?" you ask? Well, I have the free time. I can only write Romaji! I don't know the [Japanese] characters. All of my thoughts are in Japanese!! More importantly, English is a bit...boring. Right?

Ah, I miss Gintama, you know? Please come back, Gin-chan! Don't leave me alone! I'm sad! I can only think of stupid things! I'll seriously die! I'll kill myself! RIGHT NOW!

So, since you guys are here, I'll tell you. The next video has been recorded, and all that's left is the voiceover bits.

I don't want to sleep. "Sleep is for the weak."
"Debilibus Somnus Est."

That is all. Good night, weaklings!
=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. There's a reason for all this. It's 5:38am. Though I'm tired, I will not be stopped! I gotta do the dialogue!

....Sorry. My brain is melting.
I just translated the one English bit into Latin. Keeps the flow, I suppose...

Anyway, that's it. Ciao!
=_= ~*(cyh)*

To Whom It May Concern...

So it's been awhile. A few things have happened since the last post, and I figure those of you who care might want to know.

First off, GO YELL AT THE FCC! You have until my birthday, July 15th, to actually post a comment to the FCC and tell them what you think. Apparently, we've been called upon to do what the internet does best:

Leave scathing remarks against the opposition, and mindlessly (read: ruthlessly) support the things we like.

Do or do not, but it might be fun, yeah? Think of it as a present for yours truly. Go forth and explode like wild tiger!

The Ars Technica article is pretty boss, the video within the article is bossier, and the link to the actual comment system is in the article and here. The first "proceeding" (#14-28) is the one you want to click on. I'd link it directly, but it looks like it creates a session ID for each access. Careful, though. It's like going back in time to Web 1.0. Seriously, why on earth are they posting all the comments to PDF? That's such a massive waste of space...


In other news, Ian and I are planning some stuff for YouTube now that he's done with his test--still don't have the results for that, but fingers are crossed! If you've been watching the Master Minds Facebook page, you've probably heard the random mutterings. Not sure what we're going to do, exactly, but it should be fun.

I hope.

Seriously, how many of you still care? *laugh* Though, I really like those of you who have decided to stick around.

I believe others in our group are planning on doing stuff, too. It's a shared channel sort of thing, so I'll link you to stuff whenever I get the go-ahead.Speaking of which, I think I'll pester him for a new Mind the Gap, too. We've got this Yeti sitting on the desk doing nothing...I think it's starting to get hungry, and I'd rather not become its dinner.

Oh, and speaking of new stuff, those of you who might read my stories can now find them at a new home, in their latest revisions. (Sarel, you'll probably want to hear about this for the wiki.) I'll be putting all my stories over there now, with blurbs and linked pages and all that goodness--I even managed to set links for previous/next chapters at the top and bottom of the chapter pages.

If anything, I'd like people to just go take a look and comment on the overall setup--I like it, but input would be nice if I plan on doing something similar with other bloggy/webby stuff. Think of yourselves as beta testers for whenever I decide to actually buy a domain. (THAT WOULD  BE SO COOL!)

Random writing ideas and their immediate family will remain at the other blog, and I'll keep doing YouTube/life/random stuff on this blog. The FictionPress stuff is still over on that site, but until I find a way to make my own website without paying out the wazoo, I'm trying to consolidate what I can into the new blog before potentially removing my work from that site.

It's a pity that Permuted Press won't accept manuscripts with erotica. *sigh*

Can you tell that I want to be the next David Wong? *_* ~(dreams)

Anyway all the fun stuff aside, I also have some sobering news. Remember my uncle who was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor? Well, he passed away a few months ago. Thanks to some BS with Delta Airlines and those snowstorms, I also missed the funeral. It was...suck. I'm over it at this point, but I was a mess at the time, so I didn't really feel like talking. However, I figure now I should at least give you guys the rest of the story after all the kind things you said when I first learned the diagnosis.

I managed to get a nice Father's Day card to him before he died--that was almost a year ago--and my aunt told me that she found it in his briefcase when she was going through his things. Apparently, it meant a lot to him.

So the moral of the story, I guess, is that if you know you have to say good bye to someone who matters to you, and especially if you have something important to say, do it. It doesn't matter what the format is; you just have to do it. I didn't really get a chance with my grandmother--she went too quickly in the end--but at least I managed to say all the stuff I had meant to say to my uncle while I still had a chance. He did a lot for my family during some pretty dark times, and I needed him to know that it didn't go unnoticed.

Sorry to be a downer. I just wanted to thank everyone for being so nice to me. It means a lot. Even though I may never meet any of you in person, you're the ones I end up talking to when life hands me the jackpot or kicks me in the shins.

I love you guys. ^_^

=_= ~*(cyh)*

P.S. I've turned off comment moderation. It appears that most of the riffraff has moved on at last. (Party time!)